Warning lights help!!

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Nissan Versa 2014, Milage: 23,000
Yesterday afternoon while i was driving down a straight stretch of road i felt the car sort of pull on me like when you break and go real quickly or when it's changing gears. About 2 miles later it did it again, but this time i looked at my dashboard and saw the slip indicator light come on then off and the light next to it, which looks the same as the slip indicator light only with the word 'off' below it came on then off. The rest of the trip (5 miles) was made without incident.
Today: the car sputtered in the morning when i went to turn it on, but it did turn on on the first take. I drove it fine for about 10 miles until i entered the highway. Everything was fine, but when i sped to 65 mph, {the car radio shut off, on dashboard: brake light, stability control off AND slip control light came on}, the car overall didn't shut off completely, it was like a flash where things just when on/off. I wasn't sure if it had even happened but about half a mile later i sped up again and it happened once more, i don't know if it was because i didn't speed past 62 again or what, but it didn't do anything again. Anyone have any ideas what the heck is wrong with my car?
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