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GM RIP OFF! Power Steering Known Problem Special Coverage Adjustment #14329

peakcellnpeakcelln Posts: 2
edited April 2015 in Saturn
After being a faithful Nissan Quest buyer for 15 years(3 different Quests), I bought a GM Certified Used 2009 Saturn Outlook through a GM Dealer in 2012. I bought it in Columbus, OH and brought it home to Castle Rock, Co. The SUV had 21k on it. The first few weeks there was a persistent very low whine in the power steering. It wasn't that loud, but I could hear it.

I took it to GM and they said nothing was wrong with pump or gears. However I could still hear it. I brought it back a few months later and told them I still hear it. Again they said that's just the way it runs and there is nothing wrong with it. We now just went over 100k miles and the power steering got noticeably worse when slow turning in parking situations. I took it to my mechanic and he told me there was a repair bulletin #14329 and that this is a known problem, but GM won't reimburse for the repair, I must bring it to a GM Service Center; Understandable, I guess.

I then searched online and found there are hundreds, maybe thousands all over the Internet complaining of the same power steering problem, it covered all of this engine class including the Arcadia and Enclave; up to the 2010 or 2011 models. Both the Arcadia and Enclave are very close to being the same exact vehicle as my Saturn.

So I brought it to my GM service center today and they told me if it was the Pump, they would replace it free, but if its the gear shaft(Or whatever that is), I would have to pay. I told them about all the people online complaining about the same exact thing, and if they had all these problems with the same exact part(S), why wouldn't GM cover it all? He told me they have to hook it up to a diagnostic machine and GM will only cover this exact problem, nothing else. He also told me 75% of the people bringing it in for this same exact problem, don't qualify, he also knew the Special Coverage Adjustment by heart and did not even have to look it up: knew right away what it was. This seems to be also further proof this is a long known problem.

Anyway, they just called me back and said it was the Power Steering pump, but also the gear shaft. To make matters worse, he said the problem with the Pump was not the problem GM is covering and that my pump passed the test. Because of where its located, and 6 hours of labor, it would cost $2100, but he could cut me a deal (I'm a Disabled Vet) down to $1700. He said his hands were tied by GM's policy.

So basically I have been complaining about the power steering problem since I bought it, and way before I even knew there was a known problem. A known problem with every GM make and model with this same engine and pump, and GM won't cover it?

I'm going to try to contact them(Through this forum hopefully) or attempt to call them myself. If they don't fix this I will never buy another GM vehicle again. Shame on GM for not putting a full recall on this known problem.


  • joeski2joeski2 Posts: 1
    @peakcelln I've had the exact same issue. Did you get this resolved through GMC? If so what was the process and outcome?
  • They did Nothing, I ended up getting it fixed by my mechanic for $1150.

    Part of the problem, from what I was told, is the PS fluid level for max, was marked too low. So all of their vehicles run on too low PS fluid. this is why it takes so long for the PS to go.

    I still have the vehicle, but will never buy another GM again. I've already bought two(1 for my Daughter, 1 for my Wife) and they were a Toyota and a Hyundai. I will be replacing this Outlook probably next Spring and will be buying a Nissan or Toyota. I gave GM a shot, and they blew it. Never again!!
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