Altima S vs Camry SE

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I have a Honda Civic that i just purchased and it is the most uncomfortable car that I've ever driven in. I have constant pain in my neck, back, and shoulders.

I am looking to trade my car in knowing that I'm going to a beating because I owe more than the car is worth. However, many years of pain is not really an option.

I've driven the Optima, Sonata, Accord, Camry, and Altima. My favorite car is the Optima, but it's really expensive and the insurance is outrageous.

All other things being equal my next two favorites are the Altima and the Camry. I think the interior on the Altima looks very classy and the cushion in the seats is so comfortable. However, the Camry SE has standard lumbar support which is very important for my back problems.

I drove a RAV 4 for 3 years and never had trouble with my back, so I feel confident that Camry would suit me. However, I like the styling of the Nissan a bit better, but there is no lumbar support without going up in trim.

Preferences? Things I should consider with either car?
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