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Where's the Best Place To Buy a Used Car? - Edmunds.com

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imageWhere's the Best Place To Buy a Used Car? - Edmunds.com

Should you buy from a private party or a dealership? Our experts give you an overview of the options for buying a used car and explain the pros and cons.

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  • safe_carbuyssafe_carbuys Member Posts: 3
    I grazed over this article to see if it mentioned anything about RECALLS when looking for a used car. I believe that recalls are only issued if a safety concern is involved in the defect of the vehicle. CARMAX ....17% of the vehicles they had for sale (in one report) had SAFETY RECALLS. Some were very serious. Serious enough that one wouldn't buy the car if they knew. Fire, Brake Failure, etc. CARMAX salespeople downplayed the recalls and the only time the recalls were mentioned to the buyer specifically (in a disclosure statement) was after the purchase was made. Buyer beware. I mention CARMAX for two reasons. They advertise as though the cars they sell are pre-inspected and safe. When the reporter asked about the recalls, the salespeople consistently downplayed the dangers. http://www.wcvb.com/news/used-cars-with-open-safety-recalls-for-sale/36960624
  • Chuck_AmuckChuck_Amuck Member Posts: 1
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    The author doesn't mention auto auctions which is primarily what I'm interested in.
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