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Audi On Demand's Daily Rental Service Debuts | Edmunds.com

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imageAudi On Demand's Daily Rental Service Debuts | Edmunds.com

Audi is piloting a new program called Audi On Demand that allows consumers to rent their choice of model by the day for up to 28 days.

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  • patrickwpatrickw Member Posts: 32
    I love the idea of renting a vehicle for a day rather than a half-hour test drive. In case the automakers are listening, our next vehicle will likely be a Q5, X3, or GLC, and I would happily rent each of them for a day before deciding. Audi, BMW & M-B, please offer this kind of arrangement in Denver within 2 years. Thanks
  • fintailfintail Member Posts: 57,162
    A6 for $200/day? LOL, hello Sixt.

    BMW has had something like this for many years in Munich - you can even do it by the hour.
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