2003 Trailblazer hesitation.

pollock1976pollock1976 Member Posts: 2
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i start my truck no problem and idles fine. It soon as I put it to drive and accelerate I barely have any throttle and barely get it over 2000 rpm and it's back fires at the throttle and then screams but no pick up in speed or just bogged on me to the point I have to pull over and let traffic pass me. Any ideas?


  • buicknicksi78buicknicksi78 Member Posts: 18
    Catalyst clogged, possibly, not allowing the exhaust to exit the "exhaust". Try removing the O2 sensor (s) before the cat. See if you regain power.
  • buicknicksi78buicknicksi78 Member Posts: 18
    Wow just noticed your question was from the 1st.
    Have you obtained the info., you had inquired?
    Curious at this time, as to the fix.
  • pollock1976pollock1976 Member Posts: 2
    Yes I found what the problem was.. Due to low fuel pressure from my fuel pump I had to replace the fuel pump and now runs great.. Thank for taking the time to get back to me
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