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2015 Equus Wind Noise

fc3wfc3w Posts: 2
edited April 2017 in Hyundai
I purchased a new 2015 Equus in March and immediately noticed excessive wind noise from the driver door. At first I thought the door wasn't quite closed or the window was cracked open. But that was not the case. Have had it back to the dealer twice. First time they suspect the mirror gasketing might be the problem, that it was allowing window to whistle in the seams. No luck. They have checked the door gasketing (which is what I suspect is the issue) and found no issue. Dealer contacted Hyundai tech service who has given them "something to try". The service manager I talked to did not know what this "something" is. Anyone else had this problem?


  •  I purchased 2014 Equus.  At some point I've noticed that on both sides front door there is a unusual wind noise.  It is may be the same type of noise that you hear.  Try to lightly pop window buttons on both doors and you  May find wind noise is  gone and it was my case to fix issue.  After reporting this to the local dealer that I service my vehicle I have a respond that such  problem falls under 12,000 or a 1 year warranty.  So at this point I'm on my own. 
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