Hey Infiniti - Things we would to see changed in the 2004 G35 Sedan

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Hey Infiniti -

Interior - The G35 needs more than 2 color options for the interior. Definitely need a middle color (my choice - medium gray) to go with the two extremes currently available. I would also like to see the willow changed to something else. There should be at least 3 choices.

Exterior - Maybe a gray color similar to the coupe. A different color of red; I like the Garnet Red color, but it appears to show dirt too easily. Personally I would like to see a red more similar to the coupe's red color. The coupe's red is similar to a Toyota Supra I use to have...it had to be very dirty before it would show.


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    I do not know if Infiniti reads these postings (they should), but just in case let's suggest things/changes that would make the G35 sedan even better next year.

    Tell Infiniti what you want changed/added.

    How about it...
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    I would like to see the sedan have the same 280 hp engine as the coupe and 18" wheels and the 6 speed stick.
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    I would like the interior quaility to be a little bit improved and bump in hp to about 280ish which i think they can do..As far as the coupe get rid of the titanium console looks too cheap otherwise the cars are great
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    1. Fix the climate control system which blows hot air when you want cool and requires constant fiddling to maintain a comfortable temperature. Copy the GM system if you can't figure out how to make the current one work properly.
    2. Eliminate the throttle pedal vibration (currently occurs at 1600-1900 rpm).
    3. Improve the fuel mileage.
    4. Eliminate the cigarette lighter and it's useless matching compartment on the right side of the console. Eliminate the card holder.
    5. Fix the VDC switch so that off is really off.
    6. Modify the bottom engine cover so the oil can be drained and the filter changed without dropping the panel.
    7. 280 hp with a sporty exhaust note would be nice.
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    1. Moving the window controls to a more convenient position.
    2. Drop the fake Titanuim painted, plastic pieces for the real metal trim pieces that are used in the Murano.
    3. Improve the paint so it does not chip so easy.
    4. Voice activated DVD Nav System
    5. Improve your consumer response time.
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    I could be mistaken, but is the G35 having a major redesign for 2004? If not, you are probably better off putting this information in the main Infiniti G35 discussion over in the sedans message board.

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    Yes this could be covered under the "regular" G35 and has been covered there. I was just trying to group requested changes together.

    However, since there is NOT going to be a major change in 2004 I would suggest not wishing/requesting for major changes. Things I had in mind were mostly cosmetic or "fairly minor" like interior/exterior colors, radio/stereo changes, etc., but any thing was welcomed such as suggested option package changes etc.

    A change I would like to see is the addition of digital FM and AM radio/stereo. This is different than the satellite radios (XM, Sirius).
    You get digital sound from both AM & FM signals plus these radios are supposed to have a screen that would display the artist and song title currently playing.
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    03 Silver G35, winter package, leather, 16000 miles.

    1. Move the power seat controls to the door, or side of the seat (not the top of the seat).

    2. Move the Seat Heater controls. They are often turned on accidentally being so close to the cupholders.

    3. Backlight on the steering wheel controls (Like my Ford F-150 does).

    4. Rework the "Auto" climate control. Again, reference Ford (and to come extent Chrysler) vehicles if Infiniti is not sure of what I mean.

    5. Speedier CD changer (Maybe an Alpine unit).

    6. Brighter clock backlight.

    7. Fix the rattle in the glove box!!!

    8. Rear seats/seatbelts are not very childseat friendly.

    I guess that's it for now.
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    1. Move power seat controls away from seat
    2. Power window controls are hard to get to
    3. Can't read clock at night
    4. Dashboard rattle under clock
    5. Brakes too grabby
    6. Too much brake dust on front wheels
    7. Get rid of black trim that goes around the
       bottom of the car
    8. Better sounding exhaust would be nice--maybe
       offered as an option
    9. Better choice of interior colors
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    1. AWD option;

    2. Diamond graphite exterior on the sedan;

    3. Wood trim option on performance package; and inclusion on center dash instead of the titanium-tint;

    4. Fog lights integrated into the front bumper;
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    The interior material is too cheap looking and feeling for Infiniti. I'd expect a softer padded feel on the dash and door pieces like Toyota does. The center console shows marks from you fingernails if they happen to drag on it, it's like an emery board, they do brush out if you wipe your hand across it though. I'd like a darker color wood option with more pieces offered. I have a kit ordered from Benevento. Power window controls need to be easier to access. Headlight switch should go from off to parking to on to auto (again like Toyota). With auto as the first position they come on and go off and on again as I move the switch to on. The owners manual warns about turning lights on and off as shortening the life of the bulb, maybe Infiniti has an ulterior motive here. Get rid of the cheap hood prop and install the hood struts that a sport luxury car deserves. A bigger access hole (or smaller removable panel) for oil drain and filter change access. A full size spare tire should also be Infiniti standard issue. A duel exhaust would look better. A larger sunroof (like Toyota, sorry but Toyota has some things that are just better, not in the styling and performance area thought) Better gas mileage would be nice. I'd like the gas filler cap on the driver side too.

    On the positive side, acceleration is great fun, transmission shifts are smooth. Turning radius is good, ride quality is probably a good balance of sport and smoothness (my preference is toward a smooth quiet ride and I do not have the sport package for that reason). The car has good visual appeal (something still not right about the rear taillights to me).
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    03 G35 sedan silver/willow/luxury/sport/nav/chrome/spoiler/xm

    Interior could be higher quality, plastics are thin and hollow feeling. Titanium trim on my sport package is already showing scratches and premature wear (took delivery 6/02) Recently had 15k service, cost $300, is this normal? The exhaust would be great if it were beefed up a tad, and a bump in the HP output for bragging rights as well, at least to 5 more than the new maxima's 265. I love the car though and am glad I chose it over a 3-series, IS and A4 any day!

    I would also like to commend Infiniti for the designs they have turned out in the past 2 years. I think they are finally on the right track and developing cars with a unique brand image. Some trade offs have to made, so ill take my minor complaints over interior quality in exchange for an awesome car at a great price. Keep up the good work!
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    Make it thicker!!! Unbelievable how easy it chips. Already doing battle with Infiniti. So far they are losing!!
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    03 Black G35 6-speed, 400 miles.

    1. More comfortable drivers seat. Seat needs to be at least an inch deeper and at least an inch wider on all sides.
    2. Move seat controls off the side bolster=painful.
    3. Separate up/down and open close buttons for sunroof.
    4. Bring back my beloved rear sunshade!!!!
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    I would also love to see Infiniti add a rear sun shade like they have on the I35!!!
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    Have heard talk of inferior paint on G35's. Can anyone having knowledge of this issue inform me the status on the paint?
  • possiblebuyer1possiblebuyer1 Member Posts: 2
    Just wondering when the 2004 model G35's will be here. Heard rumor of them getting here in June.
    Has anyone heard?
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    In no particular order:

    * A Limited-Slip Differential
    * Dual exhaust, with something like the '04 Maxima's twin variable-capacity mufflers
    * An automatic transmission that's sportier (like BMW's Steptronic)
    * User-configurable behavior options (headlight delay, lock/unlock behavior, etc. -- check out a recent GM product like the Buick Park Avenue in this respect)
    * Memory mirrors to go with the seats
    * Rain-sensing wipers
    * Seats with a range of motion that can go down an inch or two from the current lowest setting. (Seat controls are okay where they are, but if they move, I'd rather see them in the center console than on the outboard edge of the seat -- driver control of the passenger seat is sometimes useful.)
    * Key fob integrated into the key
    * Xenon high beams
    * "VDC *really* Off" button
    * An OEM tire size that actually has some diversity of selection when it comes time to pick new tires
    * More colors! A Diamond Graphite Sedan would be nice, especially with a gray interior.
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    Was told today by a dealer that the Diamond Graphite exterior will be available on the G35 '04 sedan.
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    I agree...memory mirrors should also be available (possibly with the premium package).
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    Borrow a color from the I35; Millenium Jade would look great on the G coupe/sedan.

    Also, a quicker response in gear changes would be greatly appreciated (when working the auto tranny in manual mode).
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    I keep reading how the brakes are needing to be replaced after 10 - 15,000 miles. That is WAY to often.

    There has to be a better set of brakes that Infiniti can use without sacrificing much performance.

    I have a 1992 Mitsu Diamante (given it has difference performance - but still very good) that I have only put one set of brakes on. Most of my driving is basically highway ( estimated 70 / 30).

    I replaced the back brakes at 107,982 miles (first and only time they have been replaced).

    I replaced the front brakes at 126,565 miles (first and only time they have been replaced).

    I now have almost 144,000 miles on the car.


    Hey Infiniti...give us better brakes!!!
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    G35 Sedan Wish List:

    1.) AWD
    2.) 280 HP
    3.) Projector-beam HID headlamps like everyone else (even Acura is changing - see TSX)
    4.) Dual exhaust outlets
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    Both Infinity and Nissan are pushing these Aluminum and /or Titanium Interiors when we, the buyers know, they are glorified pieces of plastic. They look plastic, they feel plastic they suck
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    Is AWD still only "wish list" material? I thought that was in the works for MY '04.
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    1) The 280 or the 287 hp engine(s) as seen in the coupe of the Z.

    2) Dual exhaust originating from both headers.

    3) Better interior materials.

    4) AWD to compete with Jaguar and Audi.

    5) A 12-step paint process to compete with Jaguar. The current paint jobs leave a lot to be desired. Jaguar has many problems, but one never mentioned is paint!

    6) Dealer service standards - some Infinity dealer's treat you well and some simply stink. Lessons from Jaguar or BMW would be welcome.

    7) A brake recall for all '03 front brake pads and warped rotors. Too many cars with front brake issues does not sit well with me. This is a safety issue and lives are at stake.
  • kfhmailkfhmail Member Posts: 199
    I still hope that Infiniti will offer additional interior colors for 04.

    I like the red ext. with black interior...but I do not like the black carpet on the deck in the rear window. It makes the car look dark, dirt, and very hot.

    Gray carpet with the Black Seats would look great...or gray seats and gray carpet.
  • ihabermanihaberman Member Posts: 58
    - Standard heated outside mirrors on all models
    - 17 inch wheels standard on all models
    - Improved standard 6-disc CD changer with faster operation
    - Standard tire pressure monitor system
    - Standard rear limited slip differential on Leather 6MT model
    - Heated front seats and 4-way power front passenger seat standard on Leather, Leather 6M/T models
    - Engine will meet LEV2 standard for emissions control (beginning with October production)
    - Two new exterior colors - Diamond Graphite and Twilight Blue

    *** AWD has been put off till '05 model year -- MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT!
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