Nightmare! Transmission, chronic repairs, thousands and thousands of dollars!

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I purchased my 2003 Saturn VUE in 2007 in Canada. No problems at all, normal wear and tear on tires and brakes until the 5th year and all warranties ended. Tranny blew, while on the hwy. In the shop a year and half, due to my VUE having defective tranny and had to be special ordered, difficult to find in Canada back in 2014. GM refused to assist in any way at all, saying there is no recall or class action for the defective tranny in Canada, told me I'm on my own.

Paid a garage $4,600.00 and got brand new tranny put in, 3 weeks ago, this April. On the drive home, "service engine" light came on and is still on today. Took to 2 garages, they cannot get the light off. Turned on the air conditioner, the tranny bucked, kicked, thumped wildly and then seized. When the tranny died, the air conditioner worked like a dream, no issues at all, I always kept great care, repairs and maintenance as needed the 8 years I had this car.

I took it to Canadian Tire. Instead of finding and fixing this problem, they replaced the two front wheel bearings, one of which I just replaced a few months ago. They forced me to get both done, and said you cant replace just one. They also told me my rear brakes were done, had them done. Then they told me my front brakes had to be done also but I had no money left. A simple 400.00 bill turned into $1,501.00 and my car is messed up! When I left the garage, my steering wheel is now moaning and groaning, which I paid 200.00 for a previous garage to look into. A washer just needed lube on it. And the whole front end is creaking, groaning, etc. when I drive over bumps and take corners.... just like it does, when you need to replace the wheel bearings. It was not making this noise before being in the garage. They refused to listen to me and my car repair history, stating my car is very old and the mechanic witnessed those things. I know they ripped me off big time, they didn't know a new tranny was just put in though.

I have done the breaks, the fuel injector, all 4 wheel bearings, sway links and bars, tires, windshield washer motor, block heater, belts, cords, electrical, starter, altnator, etc. etc. and just put a new tranny in and its off the road, again!! All these repairs have cost me over $10,000.00, which is more than the blue book of the actual car today!

GM in the USA and in Canada have been of no use at all and ignored my requests for any assistance, help or fixing this damn chronic tranny problem, all of which is a DEFECT part which they refuse to cover or replace here in Canada. I am at a loss as to why GM refuses to help Canadian |VUE owners. They lie and say I bought it used so they don't have me on their owner list to send me recall notices yet they sent me one, a few years ago, for the lights!

What do I do now, I finally paid off a $23,000.00 car loan, kept excellent care of it, just put in a new tranny and now its off the road, again, and not working??!!

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