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Would anyone who bought a Tundra just over dealer
invoice please tell where and who they got it
from ?
Thanks in advance.



  • apghunterapghunter Member Posts: 6
    How much over invoice did you pay at Carousel Toyota? Do they have much in stock, I'm looking for a 4x4 accesscab limited w/trd.
  • bslo33bslo33 Member Posts: 11
    I was there Friday. They had two access cabs (not limited).
  • pchengpcheng Member Posts: 162
    I figure I ended up paying about $900 over invoice on the deal (considering what I wanted on the trade in). I got a fair price on my trade in. I was happy with the deal (I almost bought from another dealer @ a higher price, but the deal went south).
  • srisri Member Posts: 1
    4x2 V8 SR5 Access cab
    Convenience package,
    pearl paint
    Raised wall Micheling tires + 16' cast wheels
    fog, mats, cd 3-1 combo with 6 speakers,
    and a few other little things - price little
    over 24000
    (tax not included). Thought a fair deal

    I really liked the lunch the sales Guy,
    Marshall Brooks, offered me. Nice guy..

  • apghunterapghunter Member Posts: 6
    I bought a limited accesscab 4x4 with capt. chairs, TRD, 3in1 stereo, two-tone paint and all weather guard. The truck listed for $29515 and I paid $27077. This price was invoice + regional advertising ($490) + $350.
  • brucec35brucec35 Member Posts: 246
    going to pick up the tundra in Asheville today. Looks like it's for real,since they faxed us the purchase order and the final amount of $23,512 (to bring a check from the bank for)
    for a 2wd v8 sr5 access cab with the options mentioned above, plus it has the tow package, two tone paint also. Sounds like a great deal when compared to folks having to pay almost sticker price just a few months ago.
  • webstarswebstars Member Posts: 1
    Who will give me a loaded Tundra 7728 Access Cab SR5 V8 2WD at the lowest leasing rate.
  • ate2aqtrate2aqtr Member Posts: 1
    I purchased my Thunder Gray Access Limited 4x4 TRD w/ every option....sticker $32,2?? for invoice of $28,3?? + tax. I also had them remove the TRD stickers because I think they looked tacky(my opinion only). This is the most impressive vehicle I have ever owned!!!!!! I only wish it had a limited slip rear end, borla dual exhaust, and blue/white halogens.
  • lgodfrey2lgodfrey2 Member Posts: 2
    Got an access 2WD Limited for $2165 off the MSRP and a decent figure for the trade in. This dealer is eager for volume. Only regret is the way the port loads it up. oh well, can't have everything. This is my fourth Toyota, and I'm a real believer in the quality difference.
  • frenner1frenner1 Member Posts: 2
    i purchased an SR5 4WD V8 access cab for $24113 at covington pike toyota in memphis. they gave me $9500 for my trade-in: a '96 camry. had to do alot of barganing to get the price though (on the tundra). threatened to walk out and buy a ram from the dodge dealership right across the street from them. i got the convenience package, 3-in-1 stereo, the cold package, 60/40 split bench seat, and alloy wheels. overall very pleased with the deal and look forward to getting it later this week.
  • tundradudetundradude Member Posts: 588
    i forgot about that rear bumper that was an option and floor mats.
  • robocomprobocomp Member Posts: 7
    Contact me about a new loaded limited Tundra a few hundred over invoice.
  • kingstewkingstew Member Posts: 1
    If you are anywhere close to North Carolina, you must check out Jim Barkley Toyota in Asheville @ You will not be disappointed. The absolute most pleasurable buying experience ever had and fantastic prices on Tundras. Bought a SR5 V8 Access cab 2wd 2 weeks ago and love it.
  • mwdeglermwdegler Member Posts: 1
    v 8 , cd
    windows I paid 23,000 no trade in
  • dcarpenterdcarpenter Member Posts: 26
    Your truck is much like the one I am considering ordering, except perhaps a few more options like a tow hitch and bed liner. I have not yet seen a single cab Tundra. Did you order yours or was it on a lot? How do you like it so far? Will the passenger seat move forward and then lean back some? My wife is pushing for an access cab so the seat will go way back, but I want the long bed.

    Thanks for the info.
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    I put my money down for a Tundra Limited Access Cab 4x2 with cloth captains chairs, ABS, 3-in-1 stereo w/ 6 disc CD, and tube step bars. I'm paying $25,249 (no trade) which I figure is $1,364 below the $$26,614 MSRP OR 7% above the $23,621 (invoice plus destination fee).

    In hindsight I might have been able to do a few hundred dollars better if I had had more endurance. But it beat by $510 the price I'd been offered elsewhere for an identical truck. This dealer is close-by, and I was ready to get something settled.

    Thanks to info from the Pickup Conference, Edmunds, and other websites, I felt confident that I could make a good decision and deal.
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    Gee, thats too bad. I hear you can't get a locking differential either.

    HMMMM. All three of the domestic trucks have all the mix and match options you could ever want at a much lower price to boot. You must really feel safe and secure buying one of them Tindra's.
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    I guess you just couldn't stay away from the Tundra groups even though you were kicked out for being a jerk. I just hope the administrators don't let you hang around as long this time.
    By the way, what happened to the accent?
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    I knew he couldn't stay away forever! As I stated before, I will not respond to the rublue because of his perpetual lying problem.
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    I bought my 4x4 access cab sr5 in july. I guess I got ripped off. Options were Alloy wheels, convienence package, cpt chairs, all weather pkg, fog lights and 3-1 stereo. Paid way too much..$27100. The only saving grace was there's no tax in Or. I wish now I had waited a few months, seems like everyone is paying invoice or below.
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    Don't feel like you got ripped off, I bought my Tundra on June 3. I would have bought it in May but the dealers in the area that were discounting had them all sold through the end of June and I was not going to pay MSRP from those dealers that had stock. I too paid more than I could have right now, but I knew that. I was fully aware that prices would come down at some point, just did not know when. The way I look at it is I had the enjoyment and use of the truck for a few month longer.

    Even though I probably paid about $1200 more then than I could now, I did get a real good price for my trade, in fact I was shocked. So in my case it evens itself out, almost. The only regret for not waiting was maybe considering the Limited, but in reality I am not sure I like the all monochromatic color of the Limited. I think I like the black/chrome side mirrors alittle better.

    By the way, I have not heard of anyone paying invoice or below, maybe a few hundred over invoice but not below.
  • cwirthcwirth Member Posts: 169
    Yeah, I love my truck too. I also got the 6.5% rate. I helped my sister buy a Corolla in August from the same dealer and the 6.5% was gone. Recent rate hikes in prime took it out. I purchased the Pace-Edwards roll top cover for my Tundra. I needed the ability to uncover the bed when I pick up a load of computer and monitors for my network business. I looked at the caps and fiberglass covers but I sometimes get a load of bulk mulch for my house and wanted the bed uncovered easily. I also added after market color keyed fender flares. They really turned out nice. I tried to buy the flares from Toyota but they did not have them yet through Parts. I am sure they would have been much more than I paid for after market ones.

    But, anyway, I know what you mean about waiting. When I saw the first Limiteds arriving in late July I said "should have waited" but there is nothing we can do about it now, only to just enjoy our trucks.
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    Just sold my Ford F-150 and would like to buy a 4X4 Tundra. Can anyone recommend a dealer in the Phoenix area for price and service? Thanks.
  • kevintracykevintracy Member Posts: 2
    Does anyone know of a dealer that will give a good deal in the Dallas Ft. Worth area on a Tundra Limited?

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