99 Sebring JXI 2.5 v6 distributor problem

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I am new here, my car started stalling out - so we narrowed the problem to the distributor and replaced it and tuned the car up at same time. The car now starts and runs but oh how it runs - idle is all screwed up and it is idling around 2500 rpm. First day I drove it I almost burned up my brakes - then a family member said to disconnect the battery to reboot the computer to adjust to the distributor...so that was done, helped a little (while in drive mode) but it is still idling way high in park (in fact it lurches putting it in park) and shudders when key is turned to off. It did throw its first code today - I think was 1294 - but code was air intake control motor / vacumn leaks. We will check for those tonight - but now the code light is off ---any help or anyone had this happen to them to let me know your correction to it would be appreciated.


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    yes you have a vacuum leak or connected wrong there should be a decal under the hood showing the schematic of the hoses . Reset the computer again after the repair .
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