Grand Cherokee Limited 2015 - Diesel vs Gasoline

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Hello Guys!
How are you?
I drive my car 25.000km per year.
Now, I want buy new car. Grand Cherokee Limited.
I'm not sure about kind: Diesel or Gasoline.
Of course, the gasoline car is cheaper, but the diesel engine is better.
What yoy think about?
Thank you very much!


  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
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    I think it boils down to torque, fuel economy and whether you tow. Don't think the diesel engine will be any more reliable than the gasser.

    General rule of thumb is that a gasser is a better drive if you do mostly city, the diesel excels on the highway.

    That's sort of the US view anyway. Since you mention kilometers, I'm guessing you may not even be shopping in North America?
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