2007 Prius (27K miles) or 2008 Elantra (100K miles)

awaltsawalts Member Posts: 1
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I have a 2008 elantra with 100k miles on it. It runs fine and has had most of the scheduled maintenance done. I can get a 2007 prius with only 27K miles (probably only had oil changes since it is such low mileage), mainly for the cost of shipping the car from California to Colorado. If I am hoping to keep the car for two more years, is one a better bet than the other?



  • buicknicksi78buicknicksi78 Member Posts: 18
    The Prius can get into the 50's regarding mpg's. that's a hell of a lot of savings!!
    Oh!, and easily gets 300,000 miles worh of life out of it. "If treated accordingly".
    hope this helps!!
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