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I have 2000 dakota quad that when i make a tight turn it makes a ( clunking ) noise, a had it at
the dealer they greased the bushings helped for a while but returned it also makes alot squeaking noise when going over bumps ( thinking cheap shocks ) anyone out there have similar problems???


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    I have a 2001 quad cab 4x4 which made similiar noises. I greased the end links of my front sway bar which seemed to reduce the squeaks.
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    Maybe they've changed something on the sway bar links, but after 8700 miles on my 2003 I'm not experiencing any suspension noise.

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    i have an 01 qc 4.7 auto slt+ and had a knocking in the front left when i would go over a large bump new upper control arm fixed that. also had a knocking comming through steering wheel when making left turns new steering shaft fixed that if it helps any.
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    i have 91 dakota leaking water into cab floor does anyone have any tips on how to find the leak?
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    On my '00 quad, there are two large rubber sway bar bushings that attach the sway bar to the truck frame. I've loosened these enough to squirt lithium grease in between the bar and rubber bushing then re-tightened. This fixed my problem. A better solution would be to drill through the bushing cap and the bushing until you reach the sway bar. Add a grease fitting which will allow routine lubrication and address the source or noise (my case).
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    Just got my 98 Dakota back from the shop and found out the evaporator (I think that’s what he said) is shot. This unit is behind the dash and is a $650.00 repair. This is the first problem that I have had with this truck that would make me think twice about getting another one. Any one else have this problem?
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    Had the 1 inch puddle of water in my 91 six cyl dakota after a storm. Sold the truck to a mechanic friend..His toyota 4 cyl-8sparkplug truck just hit too many deer and at >250k miles decided to move forward. He found some firewall grommets cracked, and water ran down the wires, cables right into the cab. He also changed the door seals. He also sealed up the windshield. That was my 6 month temp truck after my 98 sport extended cab 318v8 got smashed. Running a 4.7L 2001 quad now. Good luck with the leaks. Ger
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    I have 96 dakota, 3.6. Sometimes it will not turn over as if the battery is weak. (Brand new battery) Then the vehicle will not hold idle in park or neutral. If I get the truck into gear and drive it a while the problem corrects itself. Somedays it will start and hold idle as if there was never anything wrong. Is anyone aware of any computer module or wiring that would cause this?
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    Have had my new 03 quad cab for 6 weeks. After shutting it off, the air conditioner seems to be dripping on some exhaust component as it makes a hissing sound after each drip. My concern is if this condensation drip will eventually take its toll on exhaust parts. any ideas or similar experiences?
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    My '93 does it also - No biggie IMO
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    I have had to return my new 2002 Dodge Dakota SXT Pick-up truck four times to the dealership to have the a/c repaired. First, it leaked, and now it has a strong pungent odor. It was purchased brand new in 2002. I heard a rumor that other Dodges, such as Caravans, are having the same problems. Anyone else? Any ideas? Thanks!
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    >>I heard a rumor that other Dodges, such as Caravans, are having the same problems. Anyone else?<<

    All Chrysler products suffered from an inordinate amount of compressor and evaporator failures in the years '94 - '97 directly attributed to component supplier quality issues. I do not remember who the compressor supplier was. The evaporators (along with the heater cores) of that era were supplied by Harrison Radiator Division, General Motors.

    However, that has not been a problem in recent years and especially in Dakotas. A leak can be anywhere there's a connection. I work for a large firm that currently runs Ford Windstars and they've been troublesome in this area too.

    I think you'll find that you've got a one-off problem. To the best of my memory, I've heard of no other Dakota owner in a number of years have an issue with AC components.

    Best regards,
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    >>I heard a rumor that other Dodges, such as Caravans, are having the same problems. Anyone else?<<

    I got a note from Chrysler about a week ago that they extended the warranty on the A/C compressor for my 2001 Grand Caravan to 7/70....
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    Chrysler has used AC compressors from a number of suppliers. Dakota compressors have been made by Sanden for a while and these appear to be fairly reliable. The older Dakotas used compressors made by White and the division of GM that was Frigidaire.

    I'm not sure what the mini-van series have been using.

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    On three occasions soon after starting our 2001 quad cab the Left turn signal "malfunctioned". When we used the L turn signal, both lights on the dash flashed as if the emergency flashers were on. I don't know what lights were flashing on the back of the truck. Turning it off and then back on eventually "corrected" the problem.
        With a 36000 mile warranty and 35000 miles on the truck, we contacted the dealer. We were told to bring it in just before the 36000, but said if they couldn't find a problem at that time it would not be covered by warranty.
        My 2 questions: 1) has anyone had or heard of such a problem? and 2) did I miss read my warranty? I thought it was "3yr or 36000, which ever came first", not "3yr or 36000 assuming we can find the problem" .
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    Bring your truck into the dealer, with your complaint (preferably in writing) describing the problem. If they cannot discover and/or resolve the problem at that visit, then you will have a record of the complaint and can return the truck at a later date. Most state laws cover this, as do most reliable dealers. My wife had an ongoing problem re-occur years and miles after the warranty was expired. The dealer took care of it. They did so, because first, they were a reliable dealership. Second, they would have no choice under state regulations had they not chosen to do so. Keep all documentation in the event that this must be carried forward either via the manufacturer or otherwise.

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    I've had that happen several times on my 2001 Quad. The turn signal and the radio didn't work.
    I banged on the steering wheel and they worked again. I've been told it might be the "clock spring" that make various electrical contacts in the steering assembly? The problem hadn't happened
    again in the past 6 months.
    Latest intermittent problem is my gas gauge.
    At the 1/4 full area, gauge goes to empty and the warning beep and empty indicator comes on. Turn the key off/on, it might read correctly. Probably faulty sending unit in tank? I'm making notes for
    when I decide to take it to dealer.
    I've got 7/75 extended warr. Just don't have time to leave truck for repairs.
    Yes, front end pops!
    Other than that, we love our Quad Dakota!!!!!
    4.7V8,auto,2wd,lim-slip,advance bed cover.
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    Just picked up '03 Dak 2 door club cab SLT. It came with base 4 door speakers. I intend to add a pair of Neodymium satellite tweeters. I saw a '02 Dak 2 door club SLT that had the Infinity stereo upgrade; the satellite tweeters were right where I wanna put mine; upper door panel on the "A" pillar side. MY QUESTION: are the wires there waiting (pre-wired)? or, am I gonna tap into the door speaker? Has anyone popped the door panel?
  • dustykdustyk Member Posts: 2,926
    Just a guess, but I would bet that there is no wiring to support the addition of the high door panel tweeters. Wiring the tweeter in parellel to the woofer should be fairly easy, though, since everything is on the door panel.

    If this is helpful, those speakers are 2.75 inch diameter (6.9cm) and rated for 160 watts -- with, of course, the factory Infinity amplifier.

    Good luck,
  • brettski1brettski1 Member Posts: 12
    when I get into it, I'll letcha know what is (or isn't) hiding behind door #1 and door #2
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    Took our Dakota in for the intermittant turn-signal problem at 35,990 miles. They couldn't duplicate the problem (neither can I - it just happens) and couldn't find any clues as to what the cause was. Told me to bring it back when I can make it happen.

    Read in the newspaper about a recall on 01-03 Dakota's with manual transmissions (ours is) where the clutch rubs the wires that control the turn signals, horn, and headlights and can cause them to fail. Sounded suspiciously like it could be related to our problem. According to the dealer, our VIN is not on a recall list and I need to just wait to see if a recall notice shows up in my mailbox. Also got an "I'm sure they did" answer when I asked if they had checked that particular wire. Let's just say I wasn't convinced. They say there are only 150 trucks nationwide on that particular recall list. Does anyone know of a phone number for more information on this recall?
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    Thanks for the info. I found the recall - 50,082 trucks affected. Could be mine is one of them. I'll call today -
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