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I get emails on a fairly regular basis asking for help on choosing a vehicle. So I'm setting up this topic for folks to use as a starting point in their search. I'm going to paste an email in this post, but the writer should be posting their question here shortly (I hope)

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Our first request...

I'm trying to find a 'new' very small pick up truck. I don't care which make or model.

I think I've seen a really mini one that was by toyota, but I don't think they make those any more.


  • angang Member Posts: 1
    I'm trying to find a 'new' very small pick up truck. I don't care which make or model.

    I think I've seen a really mini one that was by toyota, but I don't think they make those any more.
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Member Posts: 897
    The smallest you can find is a 2WD regcab Toyota Tacoma, S10 or Ranger/B2000

    Toyota used to make small pickups, but they stopped manufacturing them in 1995.
  • akjbmwakjbmw Member Posts: 231
    Once upon a time... There was a Brat. Subaru was it's dad.

    Thought I saw something similar semi-recently. The Brat had seats welded to the bed to make it a passenger vehicle instead of a truck. Welds could be cut. Import taxing or something was the implication as to why it was that way.

    Jump in, anyone?
  • mullins87mullins87 Member Posts: 959
    Subaru has brought back the Brat, though I can't remember right this instant what it is called. Sorry. Right now the trend in trucks is bigger is better, even in the compact truck segment. Not many people seem to want a "little" truck, I know I don't. That little Toyota SR5 was a great little truck. I don't think they should have dropped it.

    Maybe someone else also in the compact truck market will chime in and give you a hand.
  • golferdudegolferdude Member Posts: 1
    Anyone any suggestions which half ton is best going back to say 1998? I am not a truck man and currently pull my horse trailer with a Buick roadmaster station waggon. It does a great job but now I need to pull two horses and I know the Buick is not man enough. So truck time!! Can't afford a new one so casting around for used. Hence the question. Which make is best? 2nd question. Where to buy a decent used truck in SE Pa?
  • akjbmwakjbmw Member Posts: 231
    Go for a 3/4 ton. Extra capacity would be a good thing.
  • blackavblackav Member Posts: 5
    Subaru's edition of the Brat is now the Baja. I don't know anything, good or bad, about it. Small trucks are not much in demand right now; however, there are several smaller trucks, when compared to a "full" size pickup. Chevy S-10 and Ford Ranger come quickly to mind. Nissan Frontier is decent as with the Toyota Tacoma. It will all come down to $$$ - and to golferdude - I think a Chevy 2500HD or GMC. Go with at least the 6.0L or the 8.1 engine in GMC. Ford 250/350 would be good bets too.
  • eharri3eharri3 Member Posts: 640
    Unless Im mistaken, Chevy V8's became automatic only a couple years back and with the new F150 coming out, they did the same. Tundra never offered a V8 auto. The only truck that really fits what I want right now is the Dakota Quad Cab, but its still gonna be several months to a year before I buy and Im afraid when it gets redesigned Ill be stuck with an automatic there too. Anybody heard any news on manual transmissions in light duty pickups?
  • mullins87mullins87 Member Posts: 959
    Take a look at a 3/4 ton truck. Since many of them are worked for a living, you can get most any engine/tranny combination you want. If you haven't looked at them, I bet you'll be surprised how little of a price difference there is from a 1/2 ton.
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