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Squeaking coming from rear wheel, how should I fix?

tom_thumbtom_thumb Member Posts: 1
edited May 2015 in Toyota
Hi Experts,

Vehicle: 2011 Toyota Matrix XR 4-door hatchback

A few days ago I noticed that my car started making an odd, very noticeable squeaking noise.

The noise is coming from my rear left-hand wheel. It's audible from outside the car, and from inside with the windows down.

The wheel makes a squeak each time it turns, so the frequency increases with higher speed. It's audible from ~15km/h, below which the squeak is barely audible, up to ~70km/h, above which I can't hear it any more, maybe because of wind. It makes a slightly different kind of squeak from the same spot when I'm backing up. There is no other noise of any kind (nothing unusual is heard with the engine on, and the car stationary). There are no other problems at all with the vehicle. It's been about 4000km since my last oil change, I have that coming up soon, but I doubt that is the cause of this, since it's coming from the wheel.

I have no idea what caused it - my theory is perhaps a pothole or running over a speed bump too fast.

Anyway, this doesn't seem like that big of a problem, so maybe I could fix it myself.

Any idea what this could be, or how I should approach this?

What I can do is take off the wheel and take some pictures of the wheel and breaks to show you guys.


  • buicknicksi78buicknicksi78 Member Posts: 18
    Brake dust build up, this is my first guess, solution is as simple as, drum removal, and the cleaning/ removal of accumulated dust, check for any glazing on the shoes while apart, just incase an improper adjusted assembly had been the culprit.
  • buicknicksi78buicknicksi78 Member Posts: 18
    Ps sanding down of the glazed area on the shoe, should put the brake material back in acceptable condition
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