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Kia Sportage 2005 and newer



  • kcrnmalekcrnmale Posts: 47
    Sounds like white lithium type grease. Good luck.
  • Recently I emailed the government agency that crash tests vehicles. They told me that neither the 2005 Kia Sportage nor the 2005 Hyundai Tucson would tested as they are not "popular, high volume" vehicles and that is only what they test, seeing as according to them that's what most Americans buy.
  • I bought an '05 Kia in April. It performed great and I loved the way it looked. 2400 miles later, another car ran a red light and I was broadsided towards the front end. I had NO injuries. the car however was totaled, the frame and cross members were bent and there was damage to the transmission. I asked the body shop if there was so much damage because the car was "cheap". She said no, the car did its job, absorbed the shock of the crash, allowing me to walk away. after I received my insurance settlement, I got another one - with the luxury package.
  • kcrnmalekcrnmale Posts: 47
    Does Kia offer an extended warranty? I couldn't find any info on the website. My dealer sold me one from a warranty company that acts the same but requires me to have the work done at the dealer only...just wondering if anyone else has one?
  • emt16emt16 Posts: 1
    :surprise: Just bought an '05 EX about 1month ago. As an owner of various Honda and Toyota vehicles over the last 20 years, this was a big leap of faith for me. My last car was a '92 Camry LE which served me well. Figured it was time to retire it. I checked out the CR-V was disappointed with its lack of style and the salesman (what an [non-permissible content removed]). Gas mileage is disappointing, about 13 mpg. Dealer says the computer is trying to get "set" what ever that means. Stay tuned........
  • swamanswaman Posts: 6
    Just wanted to give a little update on my 05 sportage. I purchased a Sportage EX with cloth interior. I ended up putting a different exhaust system on it and put in a K&N filter. One of the techs at Kia told me not to purchase the "Cone" style filter that has the the whole intake assembly. He said that the car is designed with a cool air intake and should do great with just the filter. Well, it does. I have so much more power. I would like to take it in and see how much increase it gave me. But I will say there is a BIG difference in performance. I have not had any problems what so ever since I purchased it. It now has 2,000 miles on it.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    What a crock! Like SUVs such as the Isuzu Ascender and Suzuki Grand Vitara are "high volume" vehicles that most Americans buy. Those were tested. As will the Sportage and Tucson, after the NHTSA realizes how many are sold.
  • radarradar Posts: 6
    Swaman I agree, when changing the oil I had a quick look at the exhaust system and noticed the extensive number of curves in the exhaust tube coming from the rear cylinder bank. They reduce the diameter, direct the tube forward, take a 180 degree and splice it in with the tube coming from the front bank, pretty complicated.
    Could you do me a favor and specify what you did? Did it change the interior sound levels?
    What about the fuel mileage, any better? Please keep us informed!
  • been driving our 05' black cherry ex for about 3 wks now.our previous vehicle,94' grand cherokee bought in 99,didn't owe us anything.our purchase was based on 1.price 2.warranty 3.options.we chose the sportage.gas milege was also a concern but looking at estimated 19-23 mpg we figured we could live with that.
    first impressions are great.handles nice,quiet,feels pretty solid.true test will come soon when the snow starts.had the jeep for 6 yrs and never went "off road"so i'm hoping the awd/tcs/esc/ systems perform well in the snowy slushy's the wife's daily driver,200-300km per wk.

    first drive -500km{400km highway} averaged about 14.5l / 100km-16mpg.
    week 1 -400km{200km highway} 13l -18mpg
    weeks 2 and 3 -300km each week,daily driving 11l -21 mpg.
    i think it will do better on the highway when not pushed as hard as the first two trips,had to try try it shifts pretty smooth on its own but its nice to be able to drop it down to 3rd when needed-used it passing uphill a couple of times and it worked fine.

    so far we like the sportage.still alot of unknowns.been doing lots of reading on the sportage-read about 3 recalls but never went to dealer code on door panel 12/04 bought it july29/05.everything seems ok but still gonna find out if the earlier 2 recalls were done[parking brake lever probally not}.

    i guess since were gonna keep it,i'd like to accessorize it{hood protector,sunroof visor,door shades}.anyone purchase any af these,installed by dealer?seen them online-67,67,72--us dollars +shipping/handling/duty/taxes/blablabla.
    who was the first to swap their wood trim??i can't wait to see my dash panel/door switch panels match my shift plate{brushed aluminum}seen the dash plate 90 us but no door panels.

    hope to read more good{hopefully not bad} things from happy owners.

    re - xenamena

    glad to hear you walked away ok.your post was the first crash results i"ve read.if you wouldn't mind sharing some more info,i'd like to know approx how fast each vehicle was going,was the door hit as well as the front and what airbags activated.
  • nornenorne Posts: 136
    ohhhh I'm sure thats what you received in email reply ;)
  • swamanswaman Posts: 6
    Basically, the only thing that was changed on the exhaust was just past the cat converter. The guy installed flowmaster muffler and some nice tips. There is a little bit of a throaty sound to it, but not really noticeable inside the truck. I also wanted to add to #413 who was looking at purchasing some accessories. I bought the front wind deflector that goes on the hood. I put it on myself and love it. It makes the truck look really nice.
  • I haven't seen anything on mine so far and I have 2000 miles on mine. My check engine light has come on and I'm going to have to take it in to get it checked. Have you had anything similar?
  • radarradar Posts: 6
    I also installed the front wind deflector, back-up sonar, and a Gentex rear view mirror. Does anyone know where to find the brushed aluminum insert for the dash? The wood-grain is shall I say, average? Other then that we love the Sportage.
  • kiapartspeople has dash insert-no door switch panels,
    teamfalconracing has chrome trim kit,
    suvxccessory has a sherwood dash kit,brushed aluminum
  • nckianckia Posts: 2
    I am experiencing the same with my 05 LX Sportage. The residue is in fact grease applied before shipping to the US, as stated in another post. I plan to mention the "fix", supplied in that original post, when I go for next oil change. For the Check Engine light issue; I have started a log book because this happens too many times. At first it seemed as though it was just that I was not putting the gas cap on tight enough, but the when the light stayed on after reapplying the gas cap, the dealership suggested that they perform diagnostic. A Fault Code: P0449 appeared, Evap Vent/Solenoid Circuit; replaced internally failed canister close valve (sticking). Anyway, that seemed to have taken care of the light staying on all the time. But, I will say this much, make sure that when you are putting the gas cap back on that you push the cap into the nozzle as much as possible before turning to the right and make sure that you hear the 'click' for three (3) times. The cap/nozzle is very sensitive and the light has still come on if I am not carefully. Found that removing the cap and reapplying will turn the light off after about five (5) engine starts.
  • After kicking around the idea of trading my 1999 Kia Sephia in on a small SUV, we decided on the 2005 Kia Sportage LX V6 in Champagne. We we between the Hyundai Tucson and the Sportage but the Hyundai dealership was closed on Sunday so after checking out the sticker price and peeking into a few on the lot, we drove up to the Kia dealership. We had no intentions of buying it right away and they were quick to draw us in though. We test drove a 2005 Sportage EX loaded in Jade Green and loved it but knew it was probably more than what we wanted to spend, we knew the absolute most we wanted to spend They ran the numbers and just couldn't get it there as we suspected so we left. We were disappointed and didn't understand why they weren't trying to sell us on an LX instead of letting us walk. My husband decided to drop by after work on Monday and talked to them about the LX and they worked up the numbers and could get us where we wanted to be even thought it meant no sunroof! We both love it and it is as roomy as we were hoping for and it seems nicer than the used Ford Escape we were looking at for less money! The sticker shows fuel economy at 21 and 29 and with our first fill-up we got 22 miles to the gallon. We Sephia consistently got better with each fill-up so hopefully this one will too.
  • Hi,

    I'm new to this forum concept, so I'm not sure if I'm entering my question in the right way or not, but anyway, I'm turning in a leased 2001 Kia Sportage. The leasing company is trying to charge me $1,200 for wheel corrosion due to brake dust. Now, every Kia of that age that I've ever seen has a lot of brake dust on the wheels. Wouldn't some corrosion be normal on a 2001 Kia in August of 2005? What's been your experience with wheel corrosion?
  • nortsr1nortsr1 Posts: 1,060
    It sounds to me as though you did not keep those wheels very clean to avoid this happening.
  • dan5150dan5150 Posts: 3
    Hi, I recently test drove 3 or 4 new sportages and most of them had a burning smell to them.Maybe it is because they need to be driven a while.Also 3 of them had a ticking sound at start up for a few minutes(the service manager says the lifters in the engine bleed the oil down after not being driven for a long time).I am concerned about these issues!!!Does anybody had these issues when driving??These are the only things keeping me from purchasing a sportage. Thanks!! :confuse:
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    The burning smell is probably the sealant that Kia (and Hyundai) put on the underside of vehicles to protect them on the voyage across the ocean. Some got on the exhaust and is burning off. The smell goes away in a couple of weeks.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    You may also want to visit Lease Questions - Ask Here.

    tidester, host
  • Could some of you guys give me some info I need answered fairly quickly. A dealer just offered me a '05 Sportage EX w/ LEATHER pkg. and CROSS BARS for an out the price (includes EVERYTHING...TAX AND ALL) of $21,020 . I need to know if this is as good a deal as it seems to be. IT IS A 4X2, not a 4X4.
    Also, does anyone know where to look on the web for changes on the '06 model?
    Thanks alot...I just don't know whether to BUY now or wait for the '06...the price seems to be telling me to buy NOW !
  • kcrnmalekcrnmale Posts: 47
    Sounds reasonable.
  • My check emission light keeps coming up. I took it to the garage and they put it on their scanner and said it was the mass airflow i paid and got it replaced, while driving home the light came back on. i went back the next day and they were like hmm i guess thats a bad new part. so they put another one in and it was good for two weeks and the light came on again. i took it back same problem and code p0101 something like that. they are like i dont know what to do. so i take it to get my oil changed and the guys liek you have a sensor missing here take it back to whoever fixed your car. so i did and they had no idea what was missing and got kia to fax them papers. they couldnt figure it out. so i had to drive to sunbury which is about an hour from where i live. i took it there and they are like thats your 4wd. they said some stuff about how my car used to have it where you just put it into gear but it got switch where i have to turn it on manually on the hubs, it sucks! anyway, they said the problem is that the wires inside it are all messed up and no connected. so i have to take it there next friday and its gonna cost me around 200 or so, i dont know, i have a rattling noise now. anyway the thing, i pull out and it wont accelerate. the other day i pulled out of college on a main road and my vehicle is not going and i still have my foot on the gas, then finally it goes. i really hate my car and as soon as i pay my loan off im getting rid of it. has anyone else had this problem with a 99 sportage?
  • I am looking at trading from a 2004 Sorento with 27500 KM down... to a 2006 lx v6 awd any hint of what the sorento should fetch ?

    including taxes some dealers are asking $270 CDN $ X 36 interest free months
    with a 20,000$ trade-in for the Sorento thus making the v6 lx (not the fancy EX with leather) purchase price at $29,720 cdn

    including taxes ....have any of you folks in Canada paid cheaper that $29, 720 CDN for a v6 awd LX (...remote starter and tow package comes later )
  • I did not have the burning smell but the 1st time I test drove the sportage it started ticking as soon as I started it. The salesman let it run for a few minutes before I drove it. I drove it for about 15 minutes and the ticking had stopped by the time I was done test driving it. It had 6 miles on it when I drove it. I asked the saleman about the ticking and he told me the same thing about the oil. I went back the next 2 nights and drove it again to make sure I didn't hear the ticking any more and I didn't. I bought the Sportage and have had it 1 month and have not heard the ticking since the 1st test drive. I love it. I got 22 1/2 mpg the 1st fill up and have been getting 24 1/2 to 25 mpg now. :)
  • I have had my Sportage for 1 month and I have had no problems with anything.
    Over 2000 miles. I love it. :)
  • artgpoartgpo Posts: 483
    Anyone know what is new for 2006? Seems odd they didn't make the 2005 the '06 model since it was introduced so late. The dealers have a bunch of '06s on their lots.

    My wife has 6,000 miles on her Sportage in five months of very satisfied driving.
  • i recently bought a automatic kia sportage 52 reg. its been in the garage for more time than ive had it, check engine light came on shortly after HOLD started flashing. this seemed to happen every time i filled up with petrol. took it to main dealer who turned lights off said nothing wrong, only for lights to come back on again. again took it back and they said it was speed sensor that was faulty, which they changed under the warranty. until the lights came on again 2 days later, took it in again, now theyve decided its something with gears that tells it its doing 255 miles an hour! so im waiting again, just wondered if anybody had had similar probs and what fault was. any help appreciated
  • Thanks for getting back to me. I took my sportage in about three weeks ago and it turns out that the sensor in the gas cap was bad and it set off the check engine light. Simple fix they just replaced the gas cap. Then last week around the 7th the light came on again. I just took it back in yesterday and it turned out to be a fuel line seal. Talk about a scary situation. It took them a week to get me in and then when they did it was something pretty serious. I'm very disappointed. The performance of the vehicle is awesome though! I guess I should've waited till they worked out the bugs before I bought one!!! It's good that the check engine light is so touchy, after all it's all covered under warranty. I hope I don't have anymore problems with it though!! Keep me posted if you continue to have issues also. Thanks!!!
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