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Toyota owes the world another supra!
Toyota would be foolish to ignore the return of the sports car market, nissan 350z, mazda RX8, mitsubishi evo8, anyone else have deja-vue, if history repeats itself in three years toyota will release another supra that blows all of the above out of the water. Will this remain a fantasy for the legions of supra fanatics or will toyota take their head out of their rear end and takes its rightful place atop the sports car throne.


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    At first I'm assuming that the Mitsubishi Evo8 is being paralleled to the 3000GT VR4. I agree that Toyota would be crazy not to bring the Supra back. They are missing out on a huge and popular part of the market by ignoring the immense following this vehicle has. I would be perfectly happy if Toyota brought back the Supra in the next couple years and didn't change a thing about it.
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    I told a friend that a Supra is a modified Celica, like a M3 BMW is to the 3 series BMW and the Ford Mustang is to the Shelby. He insists the Supra is a totally different vehicle. Who is correct?
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    Being that I own both I will give you my opinion.

    The Supra is not just a modified Celica, they are very different cars. Instead of a Mustang to Shelby relationship look at it as a GT Mustang to ZX2 relationship, as in they are made by the same company and are both sports cars but they are both in two very different catagories.

    The Celica is a cheap fun car marketed to a younger crowd. It has a peppy 140-180hp 4cyl engine and was not made to be a super fast car.

    The Supra is an expensive fun car marketed to anyone with $40k+ to spend on a super car. It has an Inline 6cyl engine with the option of twin sesquential turbos producing 320 hp. This car was built to go fast and its stock block can handle up to around 900hp.
    There were only 7000 turbo Supras sold in the US in its 6 year life compared to the 12000 mustangs sold last month.
    that said, comparing the Celica to the Supra is a LONG shot and the similarities basically stop after the fact that they are both Toyota.
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    by FAR is this: celica is FWD, Supra is RWD.

    And in case people missed the news late last year, Toyota is in development on two Supra successors. One is a halo car a la Ford's GT40 - $100K toy for the super rich.

    The other is a very doable two door coupe selling around $30K with power starting at 300 hp. They had working prototypes for both last year in the fall when I saw them in some car mag, and they were saying they were serious about bringing them to market.

    Now, this year they are probably a little busy bringing the Scion project to fruition, and the car market sucks anyway, but perhaps next year? Or even really late this year?

    I miss Supra! Back when the MkIV's were new, I couldn't afford one, so I was hoping a good used one would come my way in a few years, but then they sold so few they have become as expensive as collector's items. :-(

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    Just so you know, there's an active discussion on on the Supra in Coupes, Convertibles, and Sports Cars called Toyota Supra - very fast, somewhat furious, in which similar subject matter is being covered!

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