2003/2004 chevrolet tahoe restyling

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does anyone know when the tahoe will be getting the new front end styling? the dealerships said that they may know by mid year, but i thought someone may have pictures or more info.


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    That info usually isn't available until atleast the 2004 vehicle is in production, which is today in Arlington and Janesville. But I didn't see anything come across my desk today, so I guess we'll be waiting longer.
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    I live in Indiana and saw one tonight on my walk.. looks like a 2004 truck in front.. same general body style... as 2003
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    The 04 tahoes will look exactly like the 03 tahoes. A redisgn is NOT scheduled until '05. You can see the new options (rear utility lights FINALLY!!) here:

    http://eogld.ecomm.gm.com/NASApp/domestic/vehiclesel.jsp?year=200- 4&regionID=1&divisionID=1
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    do you have one for chevy cars???
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    Sorry, I have not seen anything like this on the car lineup. I would have to assume tho that the info is out there somewhere...
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    OK, there seems to be a lot of different opinions surrounding the '04 Tahoe/Yukon redesign. I will speak of my own experience at the dealership last weekend. I was trading a '99 Tahoe LT for an '03 Tahoe Z71. With the $3,500 rebate I was hot to make a deal last Saturday. Then I asked the question about the '04s and if there was going to be a redesign and if so how drastic and what would it look like. The salesman told me the '04s would have the new Silverado/Avalanche front end (grill bumper & lights), but did not have any pictures or factory literature to confirm. The salesman went on to say that he was not exactly sure what Chevy was going to do about difference with the Z71 vs. LT/LS model as the Z71 has "matched" paint color on the front bumper and grill whereas the LT/LS has the chrome/paint combo.

    Needless to say I walked away and did not buy the '03 Tahoe as I was way too confused and doubtful of the facts. I would just as well go ahead and purchase an '03 if the '04 is not a big changeover as the incentive money is $3,500 as opposed to the $1,000 I am seeing for the '04 Tahoe on all of the boards. Anybody want to comment on their info and sources and a clarification on the rebates would be appreciated as well. (The $1,000 "customer loyalty" money is it in addition to the $3,500 & is it available on both '03 & '04 models)

    Thanks for your help!
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    All - if you change the division ID at the end of the link above, you will get an ordering guide for the other GM divisions.

    Divisions 1 - 8 are all valid.

    Have fun!
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    I heard that they are expecting to have a complete overhaul of the Tahoe in the 2008 to 2010 timeframe. Until then, expect the same general body style. The next big change for the Tahoe should come in '05 when they are planning on having independant rear suspension which will improve the ride & also allow for the 3rd row seats to fold flat into the floor, like the Expedition. I've also heard of plans to add a diesel power option, lower emmission/better fuel economy gas engine options and 4 wheel steering.

    Can anyone else coroborate this??

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    New Tahoe/Yukon coming in MY 2007 riding on the spankin' new GMT-900 platform. Pickups come a year later.
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    I'm new to the car buying game as my sister has been F & I for 10+ years...in sales a few years before that and has always handled my car buying. Now that I'm married and away from home...I used Edmunds.com...along with a little calculator help from the sis' (I must admit) to try and get a good deal. Wanted a top of the line 2004 Tahoe LS..(i.e. 5.3 L, Bose, 3rd seat, Liftgate, driver c. package, etc.) found one, plugged all the options info into Edmunds, set my price, and worked two dealers so they could compete for my business. Having your own financing, which I did through Lending-Tree then via E-Loan (top-notch people) is a must and will save you money and headaches (it also makes the F&I a little frustrated as the whole "what kind of payment are you looking for" routine is no longer a factor! MSRP was $41,000...got it down to $30,700...might not be the best story around, but my sister said I should take the deal and be happy. My keys to success..be as polite as possible, upfront and honest, set your desires in stone, be realistic, and you will get what you want! Maybe the time of year helped me out, being tax season and all, picking up of the economy, etc., but facing the "big bad F&I guy" wasn't so bad when you are prepared. I looked over his numbers, bumped them with mine, and came up with almost identical matches in what I was willing to pay. The key is letting them know that you will not rush into anything until you think that you got the absolute best deal in the vehicle that YOU want. Was a pleasurable experience for the most part and this website will help you arm yourself with the knowledge you need to get a good deal. I did about 2-3 months of off and on research before I even stepped foot on a lot during their business hours! I'm taking my new Tahoe to IL for some X-Mas vacation and I will let you all know how the drive was after the new year! Best of luck to all potential buyers out there and merry X-mas to all. By the way after-market warranties can be a scam (if you're not aware of all the "what if's") and GAP Insurance is too! Just my humble opinion!
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    Allen, where do you get your information? The only changes slated for 2005 are powertrain related - Hybrid and a "Power-On-Demand" V8. It would be ridiculous for GM to totally redesign the rear suspension of the Tahoe just three years before a total redesign of the vehicle.

    As far as the 2008 MY (according to GM sources) goes, it's still a toss-up whether or not GM will go to an independent rear suspension that would allow a fold down 3rd seat. Many customers have stated that the loss in towing capability that goes with an independent suspension is not worth it.
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