Rear Crossmember rust

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Hello , I open the back door of my tracker. looked down and saw this round bar under the bumper in front of the gas tank. I kicked it and it fell off. It's full of rust. What is this bar? do I need it can I replace it. With what?
Thanks to all


  • 93tracker5spd93tracker5spd Member Posts: 194
    Hello, this bar is re-enforcement, and a place to hang your fuel tank from. If the tank guard plate and frame are in place your tank won't fall down or off. But it is a good idea to replace this bar and reattach. Look on the outside of your frame where the bar went through, there should still be ends on both sides, hollow pipe like ends. Use a long twisted wire brush attachment for your drill and clean the inside of these pipe ends well, then clean the outside of them. Using bar stock that will just fit trough these and your welder you can replace this bar. Of course, make sure you have no fuel leaks in your tank, and cover it with a wet blanket before doing any welding or torching!
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