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Check engine light code says POAC

dave2682dave2682 Posts: 4
edited May 2015 in Saturn
I have a 2007 Saturn vue hybrid that has the check engine light on-the code says POAC. I can't find anything on the Internet what this code means.i'd like to fix it myself instead of bringing it to a dealer and getting charged big bucks!anybody have an idea what this code means?


  • thecardoc3thecardoc3 Posts: 5,418
    You are missing a digit. It could be any one of the following, all of which have to deal with the hybrid system. P0A4C, P0A9C, POAC6, P0AC7, P0AC8, P0ACC, P0ACD, P0ADC,
  • dave2682dave2682 Posts: 4
    Ive had 3 tech's put a reader on this car and there all coming up POACO .could the o be a zero?it also says"hybred battery pack current sensor A. .theres no service manuals anywhere I can buy to fix this car.and I'm running out of time before inspection time! Thanks.
  • thecardoc3thecardoc3 Posts: 5,418
    You cannot trust a generic scan tool's code description, it always has to be confirmed with service information. There is no P0AC0 (yes those would be zero's), and the wording you gave doesn't match anything in service information. You really need a GM Tech II scan tool for this, and a second best choice would be the AUTEL Maxi-Sys, third choice would be one of the Snap-On tools from the Solus on up. . As far as service information on this, a subscription to Alldata DIY https://www.alldatadiy.com/ would get you most of what you would need, and worst case you will need to get access to GM's Tis2Web site and get a short term subscription for GM factory data.

    The bigger problem here is that if you had any training on this system you would have known to get information this way and would only approach service and repair of it with the TechII scan tool. While the voltage used in this hybrid system is among the lowest of all of the hybrid vehicles of that era, it still demands training and experience that fall more in line with being an electrician than anything else and they require a five year apprenticeship before you would be allowed to run un-supervised. You really need a properly equipped and trained technician for this, especially if "my guess" is correct as to what you are really dealing with. This isn't as simple as just changing a part. There will also be relearn functions that will need to be performed and that means the professional level scan tool is required.
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