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2001 F150 5.4 has rough idle\ anyone else have this?

bobfixitbobfixit Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Ford
F150,extra cab,long bed,4x4,5.4L,off road pkg,power driver's seat, 19k MI

I bought this truck new and when i'm in the truck at a light or stopped with the engine running I feel all the engine vibration through my seat and steering wheel. It is more pronounced when the temperature is below 50. I've taken it to the dealer so many times they finaly had the ford service engineer check it out. They realigned the engine, tranny and exhaust but it is not much better.
   Do they all vibrate like that and transmit the vibration to the passengers?

The sticker advertised 14\17 MPG. My milege has never gotten above 14.2MPG even for my easiest highway driving. It is ususally around 12MPG around town.I have clocked my milege since I picked up the truck with 4mi on the odometer. Is anyone else doing beter?

I am concerned that the vibration and the milege are signs of things to come that ford does not want to fix.


  • wpalkowskiwpalkowski Posts: 493
    I don't know - bad motor mounts? Shouldn't be piston slap - that only happened on cold starts and they had solved that problem by end of '99, beginning of '00. I drive a V10, nice and smooth. Never noticed vibrations at idle in 5.4s that I've driven. My suggestion is make sure your keep good records of all the dealer visits -save all the receipts and service paperwork. This way if the engine self destructs at some later date, you may be able to get Ford to cover it under warranty since it was a reported problem during the original warranty period.
  • blume1blume1 Posts: 25
    I had a 99 5.4 that I bought new. I had that exact problem -- they (Ford) tried everything you said, plus more. I decided to try the Ford Dispute settlement board. After 5-6 months and meeting (in person-- THIS IS IMPORTANT!) with the board, they bought my 99 back for my full purchase price minus a charge for mileage (calculated from the mileage at the time I first complained of the problem). Ford was shocked when they asked (off the record) what I planned to do-- I said buy another like f150/5.4. I did just that and the new (2002) does not have the same rough idle. I liked everything else about the truck. If you need more specifics on the process talk to your dealer (they are required by law, to tell you about the DSB) or email me at
  • gmanion1gmanion1 Posts: 3
    My 2000 f150 5.4 does that soon after start up when the ambient temperature is above 60. Mentioned it to the dealer and he said,"it's not supposed to do that" but since he couldn't duplicate I'm SOL. I have to admit it's intermittent but I get 17 mpg so I guess I'll wait until it blows up. Pulls great and I still like the truck.
  • vidtechvidtech Posts: 212
    my father bought a new f150 in 87.after 5000 miles it developed a rough idle.during the warranty period the dealer replaced MANY items without one was able to resolve the problem after all these i have this truck and it still idles rough especially when only has 71k on it and i have accepted the fact this 4.9 will never run smooth.a load of out of spec.mechanical parts dumped into one engine.some engines are destined to run rough.
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