Can't get out of PARK!!!!!!!!!!

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The wife's 2003 PT Limited, less than 6000 miles, has had its' first major problem. The transmission shifter would not come out of the PARK position. The vehical was towed to the dealer. Anyone else had this problem?? Before you ask, Yes the brake pedal was pushed down.


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    I recently ran into this problem with my wife's 1997 Sable. One of the wires to the brake pedal had broken, so the transmission was not able to know that the brake pedal had been applied and therefore could shift out of park. The brake lights were not coming on either obviously, but the biggest problem was the fact we couldn't drive the car. This ended up being an easy fix once we figured out the problem, but glad for you that you are under a new car warranty.
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    Set the hand brake prior to shifting to "Park".
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    If you ever run into where you cannot get the lever out of park, turn the key just so it releases the steering wheel, but not to where it turns anything on.
    Then move the shift lever to Neutral. You cna then start and move the vehicle.

    That said, first see if you have brake lights. If you do not, then check the brake light fuse and bulbs.
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    When my vehicle had this problem, I was able to use the technique described by 0patience, plus I had to reset the brake light. By calling the toll-free assistance number, they were able to walk me through this procedure and it was fixed within 5 minutes, and I drove it to the shop & had the brake light switch replaced. Hopefully, the fix will be as easy for you, and thankfully, covered under warranty.

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  • andre1969andre1969 Member Posts: 25,069 in 7th or 8th grade, my Granddad picked me up from school one day in his '81 Granada. He had parked it face-in to a slanted pull-in spot, and bumped up against the little triangular concrete barrier at the head of the parking spot.

    I don't know how this is possible, but somehow the pressure of having the wheel resting up against the concrete like that ended up jamming the steering column. He could stick the key in, but couldn't turn it on, unlock the steering wheel, or the gearshift? He had to have AAA come out with a tow truck and pull the car back from the curb.

    Anybody else ever have something like that happen?
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    Thanks for the great tip.
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