Wipers not working. Turn signal not lighting up. Brights not coming on. Light switch not working

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Hi , I have an 02 dodge ram 1500 quad cab. My windshield wipers will not come on when i turn the knob and the wiper fluid will not come out either also the turn signals on the dash do light up and click however the turn signal lights on the outside do not come on in the front or the rear , also the brights will not come on when i try to turn them on the indicator just shows up for a second and goes right back off, i tried holding it to see if the brights even came on and they do not , also the on off switch for the light appears not to be working either it will not turn the lights on or off but when i start the truck up the lights come on by themselves even with the knob turned off and they never came on by themselves before but they do go back off again when i turn the truck off, also on the heads up display where the compass and outside temp are displayed its not showing them temp any more just two dashes.

I was wondering if anyone might have any clue as to what may be causing this it just started happening a few days ago i replaced the battery today to see if that might help but it didn't I'm wondering if it might be the multifunction switch but i dont know if that would have anything to do with the headlight switch as well as the outside temp display.

I would be grateful for any insight anyone could provide thank you.
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