**Help, I need to replace my Catalytic Converter

azyardiesazyardies Member Posts: 1
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Hi Please help with a few questions.
The Cat converter on my 2004 Chevy Suburban 1500 LT 2wd car needs to be replaced.
I might get the full assembly part, or maybe just the converters.
But while looking under the car, it looks like the crossmember is going to be in the way of removing or replacing the unit.
In the event that I get the whole unit, how do i take off/put on? I need step by step instructions. I looked on You tube but can not find a good video for MY car on how to do the whole project myself (whether replacing the whole unit or just the converters which would require welding).
Any website links or videos would be appreciated.
Note: ALso, if there is another chevy car that has the same set up as my suburban (like a truck ) please let me know. Thanks
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