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2013 Tacoma TRD wheels binding up?

evoheadevohead Member Posts: 1
edited May 2015 in Toyota
I have a 2013 Tacoma TRD with 18k miles, totally stock after driving awhile intermittently the front left wheel has been locking up like I tapped the brake just on that wheel. I've taken it to Toyota and they cant duplicate the problem. This last weekend I drove several hundred miles and the right side started doing it about two to three seconds after the left side for about five minutes then ran fine. It actually makes a chirping noise and slightly jerks the wheel in that direction. This has only happened going over 65mph. Since Toyota claims to have never seen this problem there basically telling Me to drive the truck until it gets worse. They checked the brakes and bearings out. Does anyone know what could cause this?


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    larryb1963larryb1963 Member Posts: 26
    Sounds like a ABS issue the light should blink . Does the truck have over sized wheels not recommended for it ? I see this a lot with people changing the wheels to over sized. the abs computer is programmed for only recommended wheels. and goes wacky with the wrong wheels . changing from 16 in to 20 inch ect.....
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