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Help deciding

kfisher8kfisher8 Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Nissan
I have narrowed my new car to either the Nissan Altima or the Morano. I'm scared of the bugs that the Morano may have. But, I like that body style better.

Can anyone give me advice that may help my decision. This is the car I plan to drive forever.


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  • colie74colie74 Posts: 42
    Hey, wow what a contrast in vehicles huh? I am actually going to lease an altima if all goes well within a month. I didn't care for the morano at all!!

    Anyway, the only help I can offer is regarding your comment about the bugs in a new car. I have a car that I bought the first year out, in 2000. It has been in the shop for so many defects that I won't be keeping it past warrenty. The manufacturer isn't going to do a recall on one issue, so the part is being replaced with the same type part that failed, but at putting a revised part into the new model this year. They are being lazy about it. Hoping they can get passed warrenty and not have to deal with the customer after that or just let them pay for it.

    So ya, I personally, based on my experiences, will not buy a car it's first year out. Although I would love and probaby slide with the infiniti G35, but it could just as well happen with a high end car also. But can't afford it at this time. So I am going with the Altima.

    Good luck on your decision. It's a tough one huh?

  • dweiserdweiser Posts: 288
    If you like sitting up higher in a vehicle (better road view), the Murano's the better choice. If not, the Altima's a good choice. I wouldn't worry too much about this being the Murano's first year in production, many many of the parts are from the Altima.
  • gsemikegsemike Long Island, NYPosts: 2,073
    I bought an Altima last month. I'm not crazy about the front of the Murano.

    Living in Queens, I'm not a truck guy. I never have been and think that alot of people that drive them around here are a nuisance. Trucks barely fit onto some of our sidestreets and parking spots, and the owners get drunk with power and drive too aggresively.

    I don't know where you live or what you need the car for. If you face alot of inclement weather and can use the hauling ability, a truck may fit you well but there is a price to be paid. Trucks are harder to drive and park in tight spaces, they're less efficient, and probalby less reliable in the long run. So will the benefits derived from the utility of the SUV outweigh the costs?

    My dealer told me that the Muranos are moving well and selling for sticker. The one that the had on the floor stickered for 31k and still had cloth seats and no moonroof, so the Altima and Murano and in different leagues price wise.
  • dweiserdweiser Posts: 288
    It's not a truck and you only confuse people by calling it one. It's a crossover vehicle (like the MDX, Highlander, Pilot, Endeavor, etc.) built on a car frame, the Altima in this case.
  • uncledaviduncledavid Posts: 548
    The Murano is a basically a Maxima/Altima station wagon. It is actually shorter than the Altima and Maxima and should have an easier time fitting into curbside spots. It is about two inches wider than a Maxima, and about 300 pounds heavier in FWD form. Fuel economy on the Murano is also close to the Altima (20/25 for the Murano vs. 19/26 for the Altima V6).

    It is also not true that the Murano is selling for sticker. They can be had for about $500 about invoice - like most Nissan vehicles.
  • gsemikegsemike Long Island, NYPosts: 2,073
    I didn't say that it was the same as a 78 Bronco. To me, if it's 4WD, sits high, and has an open cargo floor, it's a truck. The marketers can call it whatever they want.

    The difficutly in parking a crossover SUV (sorry) or traditional truck is not only attributable to the length of the vehicle, but also the height. If you're parking between two cars that are considerable lower, it's difficult to get a good read on where the bumpers of you vehicle are in comparison to the hoods and trunk of the other vehicles. Of course, half the SUV drivers don't care about when they do to other people's car. Price you pay for city living I guess.

    Regarding the car selling for sticker, I was just relaying what I was told by the dealer that sold me my Altima for $40 over. There may be regional differences and the Muarano seems to be a big hit in this area. The situation may not be representative of what's going on elsewhere.
  • uncledaviduncledavid Posts: 548
    We're not trying to flame you. But, most of you conclusions seem to be based on some sort of gut reaction to the Murano and aren't well informed.

    The Murano has bumpers that are standard 5-mph and are basically at car height. It has about 3" more ground clearance than a standard car. The vehicle is about 7" taller total than a Altima, but that is cargo space, not ground clearance (as in a minivan). Parking may be harder for visability issues, but it is not much higher off the ground than a typical car and shorter than a Maxima or Altima. It may actually be easier to park in the end.

    If it has 4wd (actually, AWD in post cross-over vehicles, which is a much different concept) and open cargo bay, and is relatively high, it is a SUV? You've just described about 50% of the station wagons sold in America (i.e., Volvo, VW, Subaru) and several of the Minivans. These sort of narrow definitions no longer work in a changing market.

    About 40% of Toyota Highlander and Nissan Muranos are sold with FWD only. Even the models that are sold with AWD opperate as front-wheel drive vehicles most of the time, just like the Altima. The Murano, in fact, is a wagon based on the Altima FWD platform.

    From a design perspective, the Murano is closer to being a minivan than a SUV. It doens't have any of the structural features of a truck-based SUV (i.e., body-on-frame design, true 4wd system, high ground clearance).

    If the Murano is selling close to sticker in your area of the country, than your area is completely unique. The Murano is being heavily discounted everywhere else. Its sounds like you got mislead by your dealer.
  • yishinyishin Posts: 6

    How heavy is Murano being discounted? The cheapest price I can get from local dealer is $400 above invoice price. The other place I know of is carmax. Carmax currently has a extra $1000 promotion off their no-haggling price. What price could be considered as a "ok" deal since Murano is being heavily discounted at this point?
  • uncledaviduncledavid Posts: 548
    $400 above invoice sounds OK at this point in time, as long as your dealers is not sticking you with some sort of extra fees (advertisement fees, etc). Nissan dealers like to inflate the price by adding all sorts of administrative fees.

    I know that, which tends to have prices that are a bit higher than you can get by bargining, now has the Murano for $600 above invoice
  • gsemikegsemike Long Island, NYPosts: 2,073
    My dealer told me that the Murano was selling for sticker after the deal for my Altima was signed off on. He knew that I wasn't going to buy the Murano so I guess that's what they get for it around here. Just from driving around, they seem to have really caught one here.

    I appreciate Uncle David's opinion, but when you're parking on a city street, a 7 inch height differential is pretty significant. At that difference, you're more than likely to lose perspective of where the grill and back bumper are of the cars that you're parking between.

    I've lived here for six years, and based on what I've seen first hand, I think that my opinion on that is pretty well informed.
  • uncledaviduncledavid Posts: 548
    The Murano doens't have a 7 inch difference over the Altima. It has about a 2 inch difference, in terms of ground clearance. The bumper of the Murano is about the same height as the bumper of the Altima, so I fail to see where a judgement difference comes into play. The Murano is taller overall, but wagons are always taller than sedans. Are you suggesting that any minivan or station wagon would also be harder to park (because both are taller than a sedan)? Besides, the fact that you anticipate a parking problem for yourself does not mean others would have difficulty with similar judgements.

    As for your dealer, he was simply misleading you. You can go to and check the selling price for the Murano at your specific zipcode. Or, you can check the TMV at this site. There isn't anywhere in the country where the Murano is selling for sticker right now. There are purchase prices posted from all over the country at the Nissan ethusiast site and nobody has paid close to Msrp ANYWHERE IN THE U.S.A or Canada.

    Other than a brief comment by your dealer, which may or may not be reliable, have you actually done any real research on the selling prices of Muranos?

    Anyway, it hardly matters what your particular dealer is willing to sell the Murano for. The point is, it is widely available all over the country for a lot less than sticker. Anybody who is reading this thread, could go out and get a Murano today for a few hundred more than invoice.
  • gsemikegsemike Long Island, NYPosts: 2,073
    I bought an Altima a month ago. Since I'm not buying a Murana, no I haven't researched the price. I passed along what my dealer told me, that's it.

    Not every wagon is taller than a car. The Murano is and also has a smallish back window. With as much parallel parking as we do around here, the respectful thing to do is to park so as not to rely on your bumper nudging the cars around you to tell you that you're in. You should not have the disposition that since the bumpers are the same hieghts, it's OK to tap the cars around you when parking.

    Bumper strips on cars have gone the way of tailfins. I don't appreciate seeing my bumpers get scratched up and wish they people would be a little more considerate than to bash their way into a partking space just because the percieve the owners of the other cars to not be around.
  • uncledaviduncledavid Posts: 548
    The point here is a off-the-cuff comment by your salesperson about the price of the Murano is not a very strong basis for conclusion. I had a salesperson tell me a month ago that the Murano was going for $3000 above MSRP. I'm sure that salesperson, who wasn't very informed, actually believed that as well. The Murano was going for MSRP+ in the first two weeks it was out, but price has come down to the same levels as other Nissan (i.e.,a little more than invoice).

    When I've started to get down to actual negotiations with the sales manager, it was a good deal cheaper. So far, the lowest offer I've had is the Murano for $500 above invoice. If I wait, I can probably do better than that. My experience mirrors the information on other websites and in the "how much did you pay" thread in this forum. Nobody should be paying even close to MSRP for the Murano.

    That said, I do agree with your complaint about the Murano's small back window. Visability rearward is lacking. And, because you sit up high, there will be more of blind spot in the rear. So, I'll concede your point that parallel parking with the Murano may be harder than parking with the Altima or Maxima.

    Bumper height is close to a car's height, so that shouldn't be an issue, however.

    I understand your frustration with people scratching your bumpers. I have the same problem, living in a urban environment.

    The Murano is actually not as tall as many minivans, and for comparison purposes, it is about 5 inches taller than a Passat station wagon and about 2 inches higher than a Subaru Outback.

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy your new Altima!
  • ultimaultima Posts: 96
    All the "technical" differences aside, I wonder how many others are cross shopping cars with SUVs.

    It's funny, a year ago I went out looking for a truck or SUV, narrowed it to the Toyota Highlander or the Mazda Tribute, then read all the "bad" posts about the Mazda Tribute/Ford Escape problems and was set on getting the Toyota Highlander.

    Then a friend suggested that I just keep my truck (because was I really going to drop a bunch of junk from Home Depot in my new SUV?), and pick up a car instead.

    I hadn't considered a "car" because most sedans are so BORING, but then I went out and test drove a bunch, and here I sit today with an ALTIMA... (*Note: Really wanted the G35, but figured I'd save the money and just make it my next car).

    Funny how quickly things can change, huh?

  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    what are you carrying? Personally, a Subaru wagon sounds the best for you-low ride height, reasonably sized cargo area.
  • scottdudescottdude Posts: 177
    Mark me down as someone who is also cross shopping a sedan and wagon/SUV. The Altima is on my short list, but so is the Pontiac Vibe. Surprisingly, there is not a huge price difference betwen them.

    I can see myself needing something to transport big stuff, so I think a Vibe might be a good compromise. I really don't need a big SUV, and I sure don't want bigger gas bills. The Vibe is sporty looking, fun to drive, reliable and gets good gas MPG. On the other hand, the Altima seems more like a luxury car and probably has a better ride.

    I'm still mulling this over and waiting to see if rebates or incentives get better.
  • season1season1 Posts: 1
    I've read all the postings and consumer comments. Thanks, its been very helpful. I love the look and the ride. Sounds over priced. I had a dealer quote me today, 28,900 before tax, tag and title; fully loaded expect for navi system. Also looking at Acura TSX, I know, totally different category. I want to go with the Murano, if I can get it at a good deal. Any comments?
  • dowamdowam Posts: 22
    I am trying to make the same decision between the TSX and Murano. Any advice? I have been racking my brain over the decision.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    Have you tried the Chevrolet Malibu Maxx? It is lowered, has a decent cargo hold, gets good MPG and you can always assume a few pennies in rebates. ($500) If you want the NAV, add an aftermarket for less. The Garmin eMap with a color screen for $999 isn't bad.
  • For those of you who have caffe latte leather--any problems with it getting really dirty? I have light colored interior in two other cars, but only the upholstery. The steering wheels are dark leather!

    Also, for those of you who have Glacier Pearl-are you happy you got it? Is it easy to keep clean, or least appear to keep clean?

    Any help would be appreciated!
  • dweiserdweiser Posts: 288
    I've noticed my cafe latte seats have gotten a few dark smudges but luckily they wiped right off.
    The Glacier Pearl however, while I really like the color, doesn't stay clean as well as I thought it would. It shows lots of road dirt (grime and mud) along each side and in back.
    Hope this helps,
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    I have a beige Odyssey and a Green Civic. The Odyssey doesn't need a lot of car washes while the darker Civic does. Mainly because Mud shows and we need to wash that every once in a while more often then our Odyssey gets washed.
  • Hey all, anybody had experience w/the Murano in the snow last year? I'm not talking about driving to Vermont to ski, but just to get home on those unplowed roads. I'm tossing around the Murano and the Toyota 4Runner - I know one's a truck one's a crossover, but that's what I like for basically the same $. Thanks in advance.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    I used to live in North Dakota and had a Mazda MPV 4WD van that worked quite well but broke down a lot.
  • 8-10" usually, with blizzards the extreme. I'm a chicken driving in the snow and need to know that I can go if want to. Getting stuck is not an option. Have an AWD Explorer now and it's a dream. Just don't like the new Fords (yuck!). Murano offers AWD w/low button but Toyota offers full 4WD. There's also the ground clearance issue. Big diff but I really like the Murano better.
  • Hello. This is my first post for awhile since SHOTimes FAQ used to be more mainstream (Yeah I had a Taurus BUT it had a Yamaha engine and mand did it go! for 235k no less).
    Anyway here goes: I live in the Palm Springs area and trying the buy vs lease issue.
    Anyone have any experience with "The Lease Outlet" I think they are in Manhattan Beach or somewhere like that.
    On the "Buy" side am also considering Toyota Sequoia because they come more loaded and have a $1K discount and have a travel trailer to tow, though infrequently. Anybody out there ahve any experience towing with Murano?

  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
    Hi monkstermann - this discussion is on the Future Vehicles board, so it might not be the best place for you to get a response. You should check out these discussions:
    Nissan Murano
    Toyota Sequoia
    and there's a lot of helpful lease information on our Finance, Warranty & Insurance board.


    Need help navigating? [email protected] - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

    Share your vehicle reviews

  • Thank YOU Kristi H. I'll dutifully go to the right discussion board! This is such a great site to empower oneself before a big ticket purchase.

  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    may I suggest the Honda Pilot instead of the Murano??????? (just wondering) the Murano should work most of the time..... sometimes if it gets too deep, even the 4Runner can't get through. (in that case, the Hummer dealer will gladly sell you a Hummer H2!!)
  • I was in the same boat as you.
    SUV to big and boring.
    Sedan boring.
    The Murano was the best thing I ever bought!!
    I Love it.
    Stylish, Sporty drives like a car.
    I really can't say enough!!!
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