C300 4matic SPORT Treadwear

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What is the tread wear like on the C300 AWD All Season Run Flats? (18" Sport Rims)

I spoke to a service department and he said the Pirelli RF is rated at 40K miles and even shows that on their website.

My concern stems from a 36mo/45K lease. I didn't want to have to replace 2 Sets of 4 tires over the course of the lease as someone told me they were 20K mile Tread wear. Seems to be conflicting info.


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    First, tire wear is highly dependent on the way you drive - as in city driving (lots of turns) vs country driving (lots of straight line driving). Yes, tires have tread wear ratings and 400 is not very good - and it is quite possible that you will only get 20K out of a set. But it is also possible you'll get more than 40K.

    Read your lease to find out what you need to do about tires when you turn it in - and act accordingly.
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