Honda Civic and sunroofs?

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Just looking for some info on when the last model year, excluding the current SI, that the Civic hatchback was available with a sunroof. I am looking for one that is motorized.

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    I think you'd do well to post (copy/paste) your message in our ongoing Honda Civic Hatchbacks discussion. Other Civic owner/enthusiasts will be more likely to see your message there, since that area is also linked to our Civic Owner's Club. Okay?

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    SI was the only Civic hatch to have a motorized moonroof, so the last one before the current one that had a moonroof would have been when it went away around 1995. Back then, the VX hatch might have had an available moonroof too, although probably not, as it was the gas sipper. Both the SI and the VX went away after 1995.

    I am sure this was not an option on the CX hatch, and I have never seen or heard of a DX with one either.

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    I worked at the Honda factory in Canada from 89-95 where the hatch was produced, and from what I recall the only model to have a motorized sunroof was the Si. Nippononly is correct in that a factory sunroof was never built into a CX, DX, or VX hatch.
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