Power Steering went out, replaced Fuse. Stablitrack errors...need help!

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Hello everyone. I have a few questions. Today I lost power steering in my 2008 Pontiac Torrent 3.4l v6. After doing some researched, I learned it was a blown 80amp mega fuse. So I replaced it and so far it's working again.

My questions..
1. What could have caused this fuse to blow/will it blow again (I have not jumped anyones car or jumped mine). Could it be a bad battery?
2. While I was purchasing the fuse I had them check the codes on my car b/c I have had stablitrack and traction control errors on my dash board. I was told I had errors P0405 (egr sensor) and P0300 (misfire). It seems like these two errors maybe linked. Will replacing the EGR valve fix this?

Thanks a ton


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    haha anyone?
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