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Odd electrical problem a "specialist" could not figure out

ashikagaashikaga Member Posts: 4
edited May 2015 in Lincoln
What is Wrong:
#1 While driving the open door warning light comes on with an accompanying beep. At times I get the beep without the light, it is a brief signal that sometimes repeats over and over. At times I can hear the locks shift, like when I start driving but forget to lock the door. At times the inside light would come on like I had opened the door.
- This is an intermittent problem and sometimes takes 10 minutes or more of driving to produce. Other times it won’t stop.
#2 Alarm randomly goes off for no apparent reason. As a result I don’t lock my door but I have found that at times the door mysteriously locks itself which arms the alarm and the alarm goes off for no reason.

#3 After getting my car back from Sam’s Electric my console on the steering wheel stopped working.

Problem History:
In late April I took my car to Firestone near Ocoee to have the rear shocks checked (my car was riding low). The switch was flipped so it was an easy fix but they also replaced my Serpentine belt and change some fluids, did rotation and alignment.
After leaving Firestone my car within 2 minutes started having the door alarm problems mentioned above. I brought the car back, Firestone denied having anything to do with the problem, calling it coincidental. They then told me it was an electrical problem and I would need to see a specialist and referred me to XXXXX.
I left the car for 3 days w/ XXXXX and they said it was simply a short in one of the door wire’s and replaced the wire. I picked up the car and driving home I had the exact same issues as before.

I brought the car back to XXXXX and left for 3 more days. When I picked up the car they said they could not find the problem and I should take it to you at this point. They explained that they did a full vehicle check, replaced a module in each door to see if that was the issue (apparently it wasn’t), and ultimately decided that it was “something” in the dash or the computer.
While driving home I realized that the steering wheel controls (volume, A/C, Cruise control, etc..) no longer worked. When I called XXXXX they stated that they did not do anything that could have caused this and that it was likely simply my car continuing to have issues and could be that the pre-existing problem was simply getting worse. My car never had this issue before I went to Sam’s though so I am skeptical.


  • ashikagaashikaga Member Posts: 4
    Ok so after taking it to the dealership they found the issue. It was the door module. Of course the other place told me that had replaced the door module and that it still had the problem. When that did not fix the issue they put the old one back in. The dealership said the module had a lot of corrosion and this needed to be replaced no matter what. So $900 later problem solved.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Ugh, expensive saga. Thanks for the update.
  • ashikagaashikaga Member Posts: 4
    Here is the remaining issue my stereo controls. While certain functions of my steering wheel still function (CC, horn, a/c control, temp control) my stereo still does not. The first place I took it to says in no way did they do anything that would affect the steering wheel controls but it was working fine when I dropped off the car and has been working fine for over a year. This is btw a stereo that I had best buy install and not from Lincoln. Again it worked great until I got it back from XXXX.
  • ashikagaashikaga Member Posts: 4
    Oh something else I noticed. When I lock the door using my remote it does not cause the horn to beep. Prior to all this it would do a short honk when I locked the door remotely. I can live without fixing this its just odd.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    edited May 2015
    Well, I'm not a mechanic. Back in the day ('82) I installed an aftermarket stereo and it never caused a hiccup in the 17 years I owned that car.

    A dealer installed factory alarm started acting up in a used Subaru I owned in year 7 of its life back in '04 or so.

    These days I don't really trust "cutting" into the wiring harness of any car, or even using an adapter at the fuse block. Too many interconnected sensors and modules. I'm even leery of giving someone a jumpstart any more. The only thing I'd consider would be a dealer installed or port installed accessory that's covered by the original factory warranty. Guess I've skimmed too many stories on the forums of oddball glitches, and something aftermarket (stereo, remote start, etc.) is often a factor.
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