Fixed the Timing Chain THEN the mechanic said I needed a new PCM after spending 1200

00dodgedurango00dodgedurango Member Posts: 1
edited May 2015 in Dodge
hello, before i spend extra cash im wondering if my pcm can be updated.
The durango wont idle, theyre saying the ignition coils arent firing right and that i need a new PCM. I just had a repair done on the timing chain, before that my car died on me at a redlight. Leading up to that, i was hearing a ding, i finally caught on and realized the oil gauge was dropping to zero then popping back up to the middle within seconds. So i got it towed to my mechanic then they went on telling me the timing chain needed work. They went into the motor, did the repair, now theres still a problem! It wont idle! Before I buy this pcm, does it sound like any other problem! I just hate to waste more time and money!
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