2001 Chevy Cavalier Won't Start

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When turning the key over the engine makes grinding, screeching sounds but does not turn over. It sounds like the fuel line is active. It seems like it struggling and isn't catching. The battery is brand new and I have replaced the spark plugs within this past few months and the ignition wiring has been replaced. I had a friend upload a video of my car to capture the sounds it's making, since it's the easiest way to explain my issues.

Any helpful advice would be greatly appreciated.

The video link is here: https://youtu.be/lrRxK8OoMh8
I try to avoid attempting to turn it over because I don't want to do any further damage.


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    The correct phrase would be cranks but won't start, the starter is cranking the engine over, it's just not firing and starting to run. There can be a number of causes for this and diagnostics must be started to determine if you are missing spark, fuel, both spark and fuel, or if there is a mechanical issue preventing the engine from firing. There is always a chance that trouble codes could be setting that might help get a sense of direction and even data that the PCM can send to the scan tool might revel some clues. A skilled technician would have a routine that would be checking these aspects as well as ensuring fuel pressure and quality, then once the systems at fault for the no-start are identified pinpoint tests to prove why would have to be performed.
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