Brake Lights not working

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I have a 2000 dodge ram 1500 Laramie. I can't seem to get my break lights working. I have changed fuses, bulbs. And still having no luck. Can any one help please


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    Pretty basic circuit. The brake light switch gets power from fuse #5, 20amp in the under hood power distribution center on the pink/dark blue wire. When the pedal is pushed, the switch closes that power to the white/tan wire which feeds the turn signal switch to operate the rear brake lights, while it powers the center high mount brake light directly.

    Does the high mount light work, or get power?
    Is the power getting to the brake light switch?
    Is the switch sending power out when operated?

    The 4 way flashers operate on the same output circuits as the brake lights in the rear. Do they work?

    The answers to these questions will point to the location of the failure.
  • redneck_fox01redneck_fox01 Member Posts: 4
    My brother has a electrical power tester and we went around and tested all my wires to see whats getting power and what isnt. Everything is getting power and my high beams do work. And I changed one of the fuses and then it blew again
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    Not the high beams, the high mount brake light on the cab. Even so, your last response is contradictory. If a fuse blows, you lose power to what-ever circuit it is protecting. Which fuse is failing? Does this have a trailer hitch harness?
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    Sorry about that ment to say my high mount doesnt work also. And its my am harazrd that keeps blowing but they still work. And I have already changed my amp stop lamp fuse
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    If the hazard fuse is blown, then the 4 ways will not work. Are you saying that they work for a while and then the fuse blows?

    The brake light switch directly controls the high mount brake light. You should be able to measure power to the brake light switch, and then confirm that it turns the controlled circuit on, and from there measure that power at the socket for the high mount lights. There are no short-cuts to figuring this stuff out, you must take a systematic approach. So, reconfirm if you have power to, and then through the brake light switch, then report back what you found.
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