1998 Blazer slamming into 1st and 2nd

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My blazer had suddenly started slamming into 1st and 2nd and lagging on 3rd. I don't want to have to change the transmission if I don't have too. It doesn't do it very bad when you take off slow but it's when you take off out of a parking lot for example. Any possible ideas or do I need a new transmission ? I've only had it a week.


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    Try lubricating the kick down lever on the trans. These sometimes will get sticky and cause line pressure to be high when they shouldn't be, causing hard shifts at lower speeds.
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    There is no kick down linkage, or throttle valve cable on this transmission, it is electronically controlled by the PCM. For the 1-2 shift to be hard (harsh) one of the first thoughts is that the accumulator piston is sticking. The late 3rd gear condition needs to be investigated with a scan tool that is capable of not only pulling codes, but recording data and performing bi-directional commands.

    When pulling codes, is P1870 setting?
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