CrossBars poor design

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Subaru Outback for 2015 Designed a cross bar that is not a cross bar. Its Curved!! All trays will tilt to one side.
Gee? Was this designed by a marketing guy (or gal) that wanted to give Subaru the exclusive market for roof top carriers on the outback? Create a design that cannot be incorporated into the purchaser's already expensive carriers? It surely wasn't designed by anyone carrying a bicycle. This is an example of "pig" - incorporate a cross bar and rail that cannot accommodate a Thule or Yakima cross bar (both well-designed, R&D etc.etc.). No thought or courtesy given to cycles and other roof top needs that require level bar for secure transport. Just design a feature that gives you the exclusive accessory market. These are the little bits of greed that eat way at a market. drip by drip.


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    Back in 2010, canoers gave Subaru flack for messing up the roof racks (cross bars too close together iirc). And this from a company that partners with the American Canoe Association, the International Mountain Bike Association and - wait for it - Yakima. (link)

    That said, Yakima shows a lot of bike and rocketbox options for the '15 Outback with the factory crossbars. But if you've got the raised siderails, Yak has nothing for you yet.

    I got a '97 used in '03 and had no drama with it for a dozen years and never got clips for my old Yak towers. I would just tie 2x4s next to the curved racks on it and use those for the crossbars when toting my canoes around.

    Nice rigs and I've seen lots worse (XTerras...). Most cars went to internal rain gutters in the 80s and that's what really stinks. :D
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