Very Dangerous Engine Failure 2014 Equinox

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on 275 in Tampa going 75 mph suddenly the dash reads loss of power as you feel the car drastically slow to a crawl , me shouting to my stunned husband "pull over pull over" thank God we were in the left lane as that's where the breakdown lane was. We pulled over the car coasted and died. We barely missed getting rear ended by a semi. After three hours of waiting on the four lane highway we were towed to a Great Chevy dealer in Wesly Chapel to the best service advisors headed by Susan who took amazing care of us,providing a loner,her service advisor Josh even helped us transfer our groceries. Car fixed in two days. Was the Ecm. I do not want to keep this death trap, I am afraid to drive it now. Advice as to best place to sell or trade don't want another Equinox, suffered for years with the last one a 2010 with engine oil problems. Any suggestions welcome it has 17 k miles.


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    Yikes! You may want to report your "incident" to the NHTSA at

    If there's a CarMax in your area, try getting a quote from them. Then you'll have a number to fall back on if you decide to trade it for something else. Usually the best way to sell a car (for the most money I mean) is to sell it yourself. With a newer vehicle, you have a smaller pool of potential buyers with the cash lying around to buy it and it's a pain trying to get a potential buyer to their bank or credit union to finance the purchase of your newer car.

    You can appraise your 'Nox here and get an idea of what it should bring at sale or trade.

    Three Steps To Trading in Your Used Car
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    Thanks Steve I did report to NHTSA as you suggested. Have you ever heard of an owner getting the car purchased back by GM . Friends are suggesting I call GM , that I should not settle for trading the car in at a loss of 5k.Just curious , we are looking at a RAV4 ,I just don't want to buy GM
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    Assuming you are a Florida resident, the AG there has a pretty good website about Florida's Lemon Law, and it appears that buy-backs are possible. Some lemon law attorneys (lemon lawyers?) offer free consultations so that could be an option too.

    What I don't see in a quick skim of that link is a remedy for an "unsafe" vehicle, but maybe there's a different warranty provision that you could find. GM is likely to say they've fixed the problem and that's all the Lemon Law requires them to do.
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