Which fuse controls the rear window in a Chevy Suburban 91 Silverado?

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My window is not functioning. Put a meter to the plug and I get nothing when I press the switch in the front panel.


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    That power is provided by the 25 amp circuit breaker that also powers up the rest of the windows. Does the rear window operate from the key cylinder in the rear gate?
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    I the other windows are working,
    this circuit diagram may help you as well to troubleshoot.
    You can download it and save to your computer AND make
    a printout to hold as you try to figure out the wiring.

    Don't overlook the possibility of a broken wire inside the
    plastic covering where a wire is flexed as the door/tailgate
    is opened and closed flexing the wire every time. Outside
    can look good but inside has broken.

    Good luck.

    I see there are two power supplies from the fuse/relay block. One is
    ON when key is ON and other is HOT all the time. Not being familiar
    with Suburban, I am guessing that's so the key can operate the rear
    window without the truck's being turned on?

    It looks like the HOT all the time line allows the window to be put
    up without the key in from inside the truck.


    EDIT: I took another look and as I read the diagram, if you test
    for power at the plug for the motor you won't get any power,
    unless someone is operating a switch for UP or DOWN on the

    You might test the motor by applying power through a FUSE on
    a line from the battery and supplying a ground to the other contact.
    That will verify the motor does work.

    These are difficult to understand the wiring diagrams on.
    I troubleshot the power windows on the
    scout troop van that was a middle 90s before their trip south
    years ago. It was
    the longest 2 days I spent in the _hour_ I was deciphering the
    colors and wires. Makes my head hurt.

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    Looking more at the circuits, if it doesn't go UP or Down from either cabin switch or the tailgate switch, that narrows down your problem area to that limit switch and motor or ground. Having two different power supply circuits helps diagnose. Note: I'm not an electrical engineer.

    2014 Malibu 2LT, 2015 Cruze 2LT,

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