Just bought the SKY today and I absolutely love it! My Wife cried when I gave it to her!!

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Hey folks!
If you are one of those folks complaining about the " Difficult Top Down Process " or " Lack of Trunk Space " , poor handling in bad weather of rain and snow( Are you kidding me???) etc:
1) Get over it! This ain't your Daddy's SUV!!
2) It ain't any harder or more cramped than my Plymouth Prowler!
3) It is meant to be a sweet, "top down" Summer Toy Car, like my Prowler!
4) It turns ALMOST as many heads as my Prowler ( Not quite though!!!)

ADVICE?? Loosen up and live a little!! Life is short!!Blow some wind and Sun through your damn hair!! Need a big trunk and power convertible top?? Buy a BMW!!!


  • Right on Brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Yes, I KNOW I was talking to myself! I do that a lot!
    PS. It was a LOT tougher registering on this Site than putting the convertible top down!!!
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