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Toyota 4Runner Accessories



  • Seems to be a pricey add on... personally, I'd rather have a bull bar or brush guard to offer real protection, (for the price of the plastic, can probably pick up a JAOS bar) but here's links to purchase the SBT at various vendors:

    Part PT212-89030 - SPORT BUMPER TRIM

    $478 Here: - - m.html

    $525 at this site:
  • Has anyone added after market grill guards to your 4runner? If so, which brand did you go with? Are there any difference in the brands? How much was the cost of the grill and the installation?

    The painted bumper on the 2003 4runner looks good but is rather flimsy. The bumper actually has black styrofoam in it!. One light hit and my front bumper plastic is ripped , while the other car with one of those old chrome bumpers had no damage at all. From the looks of the bumper, I would have to replace the whole bumper to get it fixed. Anyone know how much a full bumper replacement costs? Is the dealer the best person to take it to?

    I'm considering getting Waag Grill Guard along with rear bumper guard and tail light guards. I was quoted a price of $1000 w/ installation. Is this a reasonable price? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • The Auto Dimming Mirror w/ built in HomeLink control made by Gentex (with or without compass/thermometer/maplights) is available from a third party vendor:
  • WAAG makes nice stuff and it utilizes the factory holes... I had a Mannik brush guard and it was a PITA to install -- Plus, I lost the use of my front tow hooks on my Grand Cherokee, because you had to use a bracket that mounted where the tow hooks went. WAAG is much more user (and tow hook) friendly. As for pricing, shop around... you could find the parts from various sources online for less and then you just have to pay a local shop the labor to install everything. But call several local shops and see if they can beat the price. $1000 doesn't seem outrageous, but you and a buddy could probably install everything yourselves in a few hours and pocket the CA$H. All the parts you mention are bolt on and don't require drilling -- just lots of patience and a socket wrench or two...
  • I highly recommend the dual exhaust. My Borla system was installed at the port. My SR5 V8 sounds better than any Chevy or Ford and has a few more horsepower than the V8s without duals. I've got the side exits and never have the exhaust smell issue that I had sooo badly in my 2001 Limited Sequoia. My 4Runner blows that vehicle away...check out my pics in
  • Mine was in the high $700s...something like $775.00. Note however, that I did not go out and purchase the exhaust separately from the 4Runner. I found the truck on the lot with it. I've only seen two 4Runners in my area at dealers with this setup and after driving the one I would eventually purchase, I could not let it go.

    Go to the Borla website. They will price it for you specifically for the 4Runner with the 4.7L V8. Make sure it's the same system as you are getting elsewhere. Obviously, it won't include installation.

    All I can say is that you won't believe the difference.
  • If you need replacement lenses for headlights/tail/brake/fog/ etc, check out this site... I looked, but didn't see anything for the 03 4Runner yet -- but they do for 2002 and older models!
  • Not sure if this would qualify as an accessorry, but does anyone know where I could view some pictures of aftermarket leather put in an 03 4Runner? I am currently looking at katzkin because it was recommended by several people. Would like to hear other opinions and comments from people who have had leather added aftermarket. Thanks all!

    - Nick
  • Has anyone added a keypad entry to the 4-Runner door? Can you tell me the manufacturer?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    A Toyota owner was looking for one of these last year, without much luck:

    Aftermarket keypad entry?

    The people who have these really like them.

    Steve, Host
  • Yes they are available! Suggest you try this place:

    KE-1600 Keyless Entry® System
  • Has anyone experienced a problem with the WeatherTech window deflector for the driver's window? I just installed a set and when I tried to use the auto-up feature, as soon as the window reached the top, it activates the pinch protection and automatically rolls back down. The instructions say to manually assist the window closed so that it 'remembers' to override this feature, but even when pushing on the window it still goes back down. The window will still close if I hold the power switch down, but I'd like to have the use of the auto-up. Anyone figure out a way to bypass this or deactivate the pinch protection? Thanks
  • The running boards on my black 1990 4Runner are quite rusty along the edges - I would like to replace them.

    Can someone suggest where I might get running boards for the vehicle? Do I have to buy from Toyota or are there others I should consider. Any comments on chrome or black? The ones I have now are straight black. Also, is it difficult to get the old ones off and install new one or is it something that you need a mechanic to do. Any comments/suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  • Check a couple other companies (autoventshade, performance products, etc) for one that mount on the outside not inside the channel. My Vent Visors (from auto ventshade) on both cars are on the outside. The auto pinch protection is for (hopefully never happens) a child or dog accidently activates the auto up with their head out the window. I like the look of the in-channel but my 3 year old has figured out that his foot can activate the window. pushing the "window lock" button deactivates power to all controls including Drivers door on the Sequoia (why?)
  • There's several places that sell boards...
    if you're looking for replacments, check

    Boards are easy to remove/install... most use factory mounts... so if you can use a socket wrench, you can do the job. (might need a helper, but the task itself isn't too hard)
  • Has anyone successfully added a wood grain dash kit to a 03/04 4Runner Limited? If so, where'd you buy from and how'd it look?

  • I was wonderng if any of the dealers would be willing to add leather seats and leather trim on doors, etc. on the Sports edition. Is this an option they provide? How good would it be compared to the factory installed leather trims (that can be seen on the Limited).
  • If you broke a keyless remote or lost your remote and transponder keys or just want extras, check out these links:

    For replacement keyless remotes:

    Pricing for a 2003: SR5:
    2003 Toyota 4Runner SR5 Sport Utility 4D
    Remote and Programming

    List Price: $54.00
    Dealership Price: $190.00*
    You Save: $136.00 (72% off!)

    For replacement transponder keys: or 1-866-BUY-KEYS

    A search for 2003 SR5 yielded the following prices:

    Description: Master Key for your 2003 Toyota 4Runner SR5 Sport Utility 4D
    Quantity: 1
    Unit Price: $39.99
    Total Price: $39.99

    Please choose a service level for your key.

      Premium Service
    I would like a local Street Keys Affiliate to cut and activate my keys at my residence, place of business or any other location of my choosing. I understand that an existing key is required as a template for cutting my key blank(s).
    Key Total Price: $39.99
    Activation Service: $39.99
    House Call Service: $45.00
    Total Cost: $124.98
      Basic Service
     I would like a local Street Keys Affiliate to cut and activate my keys at the Affiliate’s place of business. I understand that an existing key is required as a template for cutting my key blank(s).
    Key Total Price: $39.99
    Activation Service: $39.99
    House Call Service: $0.00
    Total Cost: $79.98
      No Service - Keys Only
    I would NOT like to purchase the key cutting and activation services of a local Street Keys Affiliate. I understand that the key blank will not operate the vehicle until it is cut and activated.
    Key Total Price: $39.99
    Activation Service: $0.00
    House Call Service: $0.00
    Total Cost: $39.99
  • hey guys, I was planning on buying a Katzkin leather set for my 03 Runner... does anyone have experience installing leather seats in a car? I have actually (for the most part) taken my front seat apart and added a few cushions down toward the frame to raise the seat a bit.... doesn't look too complicated to re-upholster, just very time consuming. Would like to hear some comments from anyone who has done this or see if anyone has a web site that has detailed instructions. (Katzkin wants to charge $99 for a CD tutorial!) Thanks a lot.

    - Nick
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    $99 sounds a bit steep, esp. if you are buying the kit from them.

    There were some links in Aftermarket Heated Seats that may still work. One of them had instructions on installing a kit seat heater and had good details about how the hog rings worked.

    I bet there's some info on the net you could find with a search too. Like this site.

    Steve, Host
  • Has anyone put the TRD supercharger on the 4.7 liter V8 4runner? I am curious to see what the overall costs were, and what type of performance numbers you get.

  • alfster1alfster1 Posts: 273
    The TRD Supercharger is awesome. I haven't see any 03 or 04 4runners with them yet, but here are some stats:

    Part # 00602-17620-604
    Toyota 4Runner 2003 Supercharger 4.7L V8 Supercharger $4,699.00 LIST (you should be able to get it for around $4000.

    As you can see, it is pretty pricey. The price above it without installation, which is only performed at certain Toyota Dealers to my understanding.

    For the V8
    You will gain over 100hp and 100 ft/lbs or torque!
  • I'm just wondering if TRD will develop and manufacture a supercharger for the 4.oL V6 engine.
    Would anyone care to opine on whether the aluminum V6 could withstand the added power from a supercharger? I'm guessing the V8 has no problem because it's cast iron.
  • emac12emac12 Posts: 1
    Hello Guys. I bought my 4Runner Sports Edition couple of months ago. I wanted to replace the existing (single-CD/Cassette player that I have in my 4Runner SE. I am replacing this with my existing Alpine CD player from my old car with 3 in-dash changer. I have been to five places already. Three of that places they told me that I have to have a Amplifier installed in order to make it work. I really don't want it any louder. I am satisfied with the sounds already. Two of that places, told me that once installed. I will not going to able to use the control on the steering wheel (Volume and Channel Control). I don't know anything about car stereo installation. Need some help. One of place that I went already. I was very, very unhappy. They've scratch the glass display (clock, temperature) already and scratches on the back (cargo). I lived in Rockville, MD
  • I am looking to add a black brushguard and lights mounted on the guard, and possibly on the roof. Does anyone have any recommendations for adding aftermarket equipment such as this? I have heard a few names thrown around, Overlander, etc.. but I want to make sure I'm getting quality and a decent price. I have an 03 Sport Ed. 4wd V8. Also does any aftermarket company show pictures of the 03 4Runner with their accessories on their site?
  • WAAG makes high quality brush guards and other accessories, and has pictures of them on the 4Runner on their site. Also, check out what Global Extremes has done to their custom 4Runner... it's pretty cool and can give you some ideas.
  • Does anyone have information on, or has replaced the manual climate control with the automatic climate control? I have a 2002 4Runner SR5 Sport, and I miss the auto climate controls from my last car.

  • bryancosbryancos Posts: 282
    Here's link to WAAG photos:

    I had a Manik guard on my 99 Grand Cherokee and didn't like it. Lost the use of my tow hooks because they utilized a bracket that attached guess where?. WAAG is an easier install and utilizes factory mount holes, so no drilling is req'd. Just some good tools and a helper.

    T&H Makes one: - roduct.asp?prID=164

    As does JAOS:
  • aroutharouth Posts: 45

    I'll be buying a Titanium Toyota 4runner Sport 4WD V8 this Xmas, and I am wondering how much money I can save by going aftermarket for some of the accessories?

    These are the accessories that I am thinking about getting aftermarket...

    1. Power Sunroof- I'm a little nervous on this one. I'm told you can do it aftermarket, and Toyota actually installs them stateside.

    2. 6CD changer

    3. Advanced audio system- JBL synthesis 3-in-1 stereo- Is this worth it? Can I install this option or something similiar aftermarket?

    4.Anti Theft system- Nothing fancy, just a basic anti theft alarm system.

    5. Remote start (not offered by Toyota, only aftermarket)

    6. Electromagnetic Rearview Mirror

    Other options I am getting are Curtain and Side Airbags, Rear Spoiler, Daytime running lights. However I think those can only be installed by the manufacturer. Is this correct?

    According to edmunds the options that I am thinking of installing aftermarket are worth this:

    MSRP: $2125
    Invoice: $1680
    True Market Value: $1843

    With this in mind if I got the Power Sunroof, advanced sterio with 6 disc changer, anti theft system, and electrochromic rearview mirror aftermarket how much would I be saving?
    Any info would be helpful. I know its a $30,000 vehicle, but this is my first car and I am looking to save as much cash as I can.

    Thanks in advance:)
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