Brand new fuel system ignition system and still won't start. Any ideas?

tuness88tuness88 Member Posts: 1
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So i picked up this beauty of a deal for a hundred dollar bill only got 90 k on it been sitting in a field since 2006. so fuel pump hoses were rotted out and replaced that then had to get a key switch ignition switch pass lock bypass module and maf sensor all brand new and still wont start, i did have it hotwired and it ran around the block and then the resistor set up i had rigged up burned a resistor out before i could replace the orange and black wire some bone head ripped that wire in to problem after problem.When it tries to start it will automatically die it also sounds like there is a clunking noise only when it attempts to star then the muffler is rattling as well but it has no codes that i can tell and all is well fresh oil the coils got spark should i invest and dump more money or should i sell it or fix it
please advise old wise ones (81)
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