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Ignition Switch?

jclark6jclark6 Member Posts: 1
edited May 2015 in Dodge
My '02 Dakota has 135k+ miles on it and in the past 6 months or so I've started having issues with the gauges and such. At fisrt it was just my gas gause. At times it would read empty when I know the tank was full, if I shut truck off and immediately restarted gauge would read full. Or I can giggle the key while I'm driving and the dash will almost shut off/on but gauge jumps back to where ti should be. Then I started having issues where sometimes the a/c blower would continue to blow even if truck was off. And now, the voltage gause is acting up. The Check Gause light came on yesterday and the voltage/charge was reading zero. Immediately headed home, truck continued to run fine, idled fine, made it home. Shut truck off, started right back up. Battery is less than 9 months old. Let it sit for a bit, started right up. Check battery, full charge. So drove it around a while later and it did the same thing. Reads full charge at start up but starts to slowly drop to zero as driving, then check gauge comes back on and it's sitting at zero. Is the ignition switch going out? Could it be fuses? Any suggestions would be great - THANKS!
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