Seats, Windows, Heating in seats, Garage Opener & Temperature guage in Mirror Stopped Working!

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Hello Everyone and Anyone, I have an 04 Denali with approximately 185k miles. The motor runs very well and hasn't presented any problems. My problem is as follows: passenger side front and rear power windows stopped working, then shortly afterwards both front power seats stopped working, the heating elements in the seats also stopped working then about a month later the garage door opener stopped then the thermometer in the mirror stopped.

I went to the dealer and they are telling me they believe there are different causes for each problem. I'm surprised because they all went out within about a 3 to 4 month window. All the fuses inside the car and under the hood are still good. I do hear a click when I attempt to roll down the right rear window (left side still works). After pressing the heated seat power button it will light up for a second and click but will not stay on (that's all the seats, 2 front and 2 captain chairs in the middle row).

Ok does anyone have any suggestions? I just read about the wiring harness under the driver's seat, I'll check that today after I get home from work. Thanks for your help. I really like my GMC it's been a good ride but it seems that the electrical is having a stroke.


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    unplug the battery for 10mins to rest the bcm module that should reset the computer. I happen to my 2006 Yukon denali xl. I hope that helps you
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