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imageThe Best Vehicles for Drivers With Back Pain |

These cars and SUVs boast features that can help minimize back pain, even on longer journeys.

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  • comfortable13comfortable13 Member Posts: 1
    the 2000-2004 mitsubishi galant ES model not the leather seats but the fabric seats i think inside they have some kind of memory foam,i owned a 2002 galant and the seats are so comfortable and relaxing i give it 2 thumbs up for those kinds of seats
  • genegenregenegenre Member Posts: 2
    I am courier delivery driver who has had such bad low back pain as to have to take 8 months off. I recently rented a 2017 Chrysler Pacifica for a road trip and drove 700 miles in a day with nothing more than a little stiffness. Super comfy power adjustable seats and smooth ride. I didn't even bother testing the comps aka Sienna, Odyssey. I bought one and began driving a 450 miles delivery route again.

    If you have a bad back get a vehicle with an adjustable lumbar as well as seat cushion tilt. Contrary to what you may think, you need to tilt the front of the seat down a little while tilting the back rest back until your arms are about straight while on the wheel. Lumbar fully out and maybe a small pad on top of that. Stop every hour or two and squat for a minute. While driving, move your hips back and forth, up down, round and round dancing in your seat a little for 30 seconds every five minutes. You can even put a ball of socks right and the base of your spine or where the pain is originating from. Do all this and some curl ups and other ab and back core exercises and you would be surprised how much you can improve. Just be careful not to get ambitious and strain yourself. Start very slowly. Don't stretch first thing in the morning! Work into it. Don't try and touch your toes right away.

  • profwatsonprofwatson Member Posts: 4
    The 2017 Impala has a seat that I sit like in a chair, and good head room for a 6'2" person . The ride is stiff around town compared to my old Lexus ES(the new ES does not ride as soft as the old), But on the freeways, it is a smooth ride. It is also Lexus quiet inside. On the ES, it is like sitting on the ground.
  • CB5683CB5683 Member Posts: 1
    Nissan Rogue is by far the LEAST comfortable vehicle I have ever ridden in. I can't wait to sell this piece of crap.
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