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1991 Acura NSX Long Term Road Test - Wrap-Up Posts: 10,006
edited May 2015 in Acura
image1991 Acura NSX Long Term Road Test - Wrap-Up

Edmunds spent a whole year with the 1991 Acura NSX. How did it hold up? Read all of our findings here.

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  • nsxmikensxmike Posts: 1
    Your cost of ownership is definitely on the high side considering you did all the maintenance and most repairs yourself. Frankly, you bought too dear and sold too cheap. 33K was definitely on the high side in November, 2011. Back then a fair price, considering the mileage, service history, and time of year would have been 28-29K.

    The issues you had were mostly standard fare for a 20+ year old NSX, except for the trunk leak and maybe the cats. But even in the fall of 2012, a well sorted 91 with less than 60K on the odometer and a full service history could have brought $30K all day. Today that number would be closer to $35. Those numbers are based on a condition 3 car (when bought) and condition 3+ car (when sold) in the Hagerty price guide and on sales on Had you been a patient buyer and picked up a nice 91 NSX for 29K and then sold it for $30K, your cost of ownership would have been around $6,000, closer to the Z06. Of course maybe you paid too much for that car and sold it too cheaply as well.

    By the way, had you kept the NSX for a couple more years and put another 24000 miles on it, it would still be worth low- to mid- thirties today. IIRC, an edmunds staffer bought the car. He got a hell of a deal.
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