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Interior Quirks Make Me Smile - 2015 Ford Mustang GT Long-Term Road Test

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imageInterior Quirks Make Me Smile - 2015 Ford Mustang GT Long-Term Road Test

The interior of Edmunds? long-term 2015 Ford Mustang GT is full of nods to the past. Are they respectful or cheesy?

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  • subytrojansubytrojan Member Posts: 120
    Welcome, Carlos! I'm looking forward to seeing your work on Edmunds.com! Two of my favorite videos from your MT days are the 22B and "JDM" LHD FD from Mazda's collection. I also really enjoyed the features with Randy Pobst. Hope to meet you one of these days! (I used to work at Edmunds.com and am still in touch with quite a few folks there. I work for Mazda North American Operations now.)
  • 7driver7driver Member Posts: 145
    If the instrument is going to indicate groundspeed then there should be a scale for knots. An airspeed indicator would be nice too.
  • ebeaudoinebeaudoin Member Posts: 509
    Great first Edmunds post! Can't wait to read what else you've got.
  • jjhenry5jjhenry5 Member Posts: 3
    Larlos? Excellent! I'll miss the cameos on Roadkill, but it's good to have you here.
  • misterfusionmisterfusion Member Posts: 471
    This was quite a good "get" for Edmunds. I wonder if it was one of those deals like, "If we're gonna trade you Lago, then you have to take Sadlier! :P
  • adantiumadantium Member Posts: 42
    Welcome Carlos! Love your insights and the way you manage to read a car correctly and succinctly inform the viewer. :)
  • kyolmlkyolml Member Posts: 37
    dang this is your first post? missed it. Any more figure 8 video?

    Did they trade you with Chris Walton?
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