2015 Rogue AWD - pull the trigger? Help.

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First what is a dealer addendum ? They are charging $1000 for market value price?

Here the deal:
2015 rogue Awd, premium, floor mat , splash guard, and wheel lock.
$28,890 including destination charge and
Add $1000 (market value, dealer addendum??) - $250 ( 0 interest rate finance)
Total $29890 - 3290 = 26,600 plus ttl.
OTD $29,000

Anyone know the TMV for the above deal?

Looking to pull the trigger today, any help would be appreciated .


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    Use the Make|Model tabs up top to drill down to your Rogue and put in your zip code. You'll wind up with TMV (you may want to use the Build Your Own link there).

    A dealer addendum is code for "dealer profit". You shouldn't need to pay it.

    Your target should be TMV (or less) plus taxes and a reasonable doc fee (reasonable to me is less than $100).

    If the dealer tries for more money, tell them you have a budget and you're going to go check out the Honda CR-V again.
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    Thanks Stever, went to another dealer without all the BS charges and closed the deal.
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    Congrats! - can you break down the numbers for other shoppers here?
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    2015 rogue sv Awd
    $25,840 base
    $160 splash guards
    $85 rear bumper protector
    $210 floor mats
    $190 retractable cargo cover
    $1590 premium package
    $28,960 msrp
    -$3,710 discount
    -$250 (0% finance)
    $297 title/tags/paperwork
    $25,297 plus taxes

    I posted less detail of this in paid discussion. My taxes was only $800 due to trade in, ymmv. This was in PA.

    Feels like in the middle, not awesome but not bad. The 72 months 0% was a nice kick though.

    Edit: seem everyone post OTD so mine without trade in would have been:
    $27,320 OTD
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    Hard to beat "free" money. :smile: Thanks!
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