Electrical Modules going bad

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The 2006 Cobalt SS I bought for my daughter when she was in High School is over 106, 000 miles. It developed a strange problem. Randomly, two yellow warning lights came on: the Traction Control Light and the Security System light. When they come on, three tones also sound. The Dealer says he wants to replace the crankshaft "harness" module and the Security system module. Lots of money. But the codes he found were for other things as well: radio, dash power steering. But he feels the culprit is the security (anti theft?) module, which he described as "on the same circuit" with these other things.

Does this sound reasonable? Can anyone explain to me what this means in common language? My daughter leaves for her internship this summer and will be on her own for the first time. I don't want her to have these ongoing problems. Other than these electrical problems, they tell me the car is in fine shape. Is this common on Cobalts?
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