Loss of power stability trac service

biginch85biginch85 Member Posts: 2
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So driving on the expressway during heavy rain I hit a large puddle in my 2011 silverado. From that point my stability service displayed traction control light and service came on as well as the engine light. I lost all power and the truck won't even stay running. Not sure what the issue could be I checked the intake it was dry.


  • thecardoc3thecardoc3 Member Posts: 5,612
    Start by pulling the codes that the system is generating. Make sure to check for codes in all of the vehicle modules and report them here.
  • biginch85biginch85 Member Posts: 2
    Well due to lack of time and the truck being my daily driver I had it towed to a dealer ship so we will see what wool they try pulling over my eyes. Personally with the truck being a newer model and barely 60k on it I don't feel driving through that puddle should of done this.
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