2011 BMW 535i not starting

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Hello everybody,
Please I need all the help I can get.
I just bought a used 2011 BMW 535i F10 from the US auction and it was shipped to my port of destination in west Africa.

upon arrival at the port, some punk stole away the turbo charge intercooler from the engine. attempts to start the car without it failed, so I ordered a new one and installed. also checked the plugs and discovered they were covered with lead from the previous failed attempts to start the car. changed all six plugs but the car wont start. engine cranks though but it just wont start. I got a new battery and the result was same.
we made an attempt to get out the fuel that was fed in at the port believing the fuel may have been bad and replaced with some premium fuel, yet it only cranks and still wont.

please what could be the possible causes of this issue and what should I check?

I would appreciate all reasonable answers.

kinda confused


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